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For your D–DAY, Nutritionist Recommended Wedding Fitness Plan

Getting Married? Want to look the best on your D-Day?

Amidst the hush rush of ‘phool wale bhaiyya aaye kya? Where is my makeup artist? Please shoot a video from this angle also; Ary wo Indore wale fufaji ko pehle mithai khilao’ and soooo onnn….

What are you forgetting the most important? FOOD! No, not the caterers; food FOR YOU! Your nutrition.

Some brides and grooms forget to eat, some avoid & some end up eating unhealthy. But the truth is, to look pretty, feel healthy and enjoy the functions, you need fuel from food; right food is the key!

Here is an excerpt from a wedding-special health talk with our star Nutritionist Ankita Vaidya & Yash Bharwani , Co-Founder at NthSense. Read what to eat on those 3-4 big days of your wedding so that you can stay healthy to enjoy to the fullest.

Confidence and good health will look lovely on you, trust us!

So let us build that.

1. First and foremost,

  • With all the commotion, emotion, celebration, you need to start with a healthy breakfast to keep you going, glowing and have a mind blowing time.

  • Start your day with fruits, nuts & no excuse but a little exercise.

  • Wholesome meals over packaged food (right combination of carbs and proteins)

2. Opt these nutritional options over those energy drinks & booster shots

Afterall, you are not preparing for a marathon!

  • Masala chaas

  • Bell fruit sharbat

  • Coconut water

  • Nimbu Paani

  • Kokum sharbat

  • Variyali & rock candy (Khadi shakar) sharbat

Do you know the best time to drink sugarcane juice & coconut water?

It's before 12pm !

3. How to have good hair and skin days ?

Who doesn’t want to know about food for glowing skin & gorgeous hair especially during weddings? Here is a pro tip -

Sarivadyasav Kadha - A Herbal Solution you can’t miss

Way to consume - 2 spoons in warm water everyday; best when started 3 months prior to your wedding.

4. Looking for a special menu for a wedding? Nothing is more special

than nutrition!

Well, although it would depend upon your budget, you can still have a portion of healthier soups, protein based salads including sprouts.

Instead of fried farsan, you may keep barbeque stew, roasted, baked or grilled foods.

Well, keep room for traditional puri, sabzi and chaat as well; afterall shaadi ka function hai!

5. Heartburns & Acidity are common in weddings, what are the remedies?

Well, first decode the main causes of it which are - indigestion, change in sleep schedule, excess consumption of chai coffee especially on wrong timing! Here are some easy tips for acidity treatment at home-

  • Don't start or end your day with tea/coffees/spiced water

  • Soak 5 black raisins overnight & eat those in the morning.

  • Have half to 1 banana depending upon your tolerance

  • If it is a 4pm burn, drink a glass of gulkand water or saunf and khadi shakkar ka paani for instant relief from acidity.

6. Do you face bloating issues?

Ankita Vaidya Special Tip - Reduce bloating naturally

Post meal practice - Have a spoon of ghee with dry ginger powder & a piece of jaggery.

7. Period time food to ease menstruation pain

Firstly, there is no particular food that regulates your menstrual cycle. But if you are expecting your period and want them to come on time, here is what you can try-

  • Have these heating foods- pineapple or raw papaya.

  • You can also start having a glass of cinnamon water.

  • Importantly don’t follow what your friend did! Every body is different, so consult your gynae for appropriate advice.

8. Herbal nuskas for pimple solution at home

It's okay to have acne, just don't let it aggravate. Here is how you can reduce acne-

  • Have 2 spoons of shatavari syrup in a glass of warm water, post meals.

  • Consume Triphala, 1 tab or a spoon of powder every night with warm water

9. How to remove dark circles at home is a common question

Cliched but most effective- sleep on time! But kya karein ghar me shaadi hai toh late nights hai! So here is how to remove dark circles at home naturally -

  • Apply harad paste under your eye just before 10-15 mins of going to sleep

  • Use cold tea bags, place them on your eyes for some time

  • Refrigerate an empty spoon for 10 mins, then use it to tap clockwise-anticlockwise over your eyes

  • Take some rose water on cotton pads, soak, squeeze and tap

10. Last but not the least, foods to manage marriage stress

Primarily there should be JOY & not stress! But Khair, shaadi ke ghar mein mithai aur stress, unlimited! Here is a way out-

  • Have 1 saucer of milk + nutmeg powder with a pinch of kesar & 2 crushed cashews; that’s it!

  • Chamomile tea can be of great help as it calms your nerves

Pro Tip

Sip lightly!

It is your Day, so don’t hold yourself back from enjoying a few drinks with the guests. Only keep a track of how much you are drinking and your tolerance.

Wait! Heard about post-wedding nutrition? Here is a quick takeaway-

  • Don't get obsessed with the weight

  • Go slow, don’t be hard on yourself

  • Come back to your routine

  • Keep your meal timings right

  • Use right ways of eating

  • Don't overdo (eating/exercising)

  • Avoid jumping on detox diets

A goodbye thought -

Rome wasn’t built in a day; it’s not a matter of eating right one day prior to your wedding. Start on time, start early. Give yourself athletes a couple of months to incorporate healthy eating habits for maximum results. Follow a nutritious plan for pre-wedding fitness which will naturally facilitate a healthy body during your final D-Day!

Hope you found this blog helpful. Incase of personal dietary doubts, get in touch with Nutritionist Ankita Vaidya to plan your personalised wedding diet.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Married Life!


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