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Nth Sense Ki Kahani: Episode 2

With an aim to ease medical expenses, we set on a quest to design an efficient platform that shall benefit the consumer as well as provides the research institutes with authentic, self-reported and verified data.

After months of intensive research and discussions with experts in the field, we crafted a solution that could mutually benefit the patients as well as helps medical research

Every individual has extensive medical data, in fact, we unknowingly generate and share our medical data every single day, through different channels such as our fitness trackers.Moreover, the Data that is generated and recorded digitally is prone to data mining, without patients knowledge

Medical Data is a high-value data and has wide applications, in:

• For Research & Development Purposes, and many more.

• Pharmaceutical industries for improving the efficiency of drugs

The Medical Data that is used for these purposes is collected through Clinical research, Diagnostic Centers, Medical institutes, fitness apps and other health trackers. Many times, this data is used for commercial purposes without patients’ consent. While the Healthcare institutes and organizations that trade these data earn billions out of it, the patient or the real owner of the data still faces the heat of unbearable medical expenses, even after providing valuable data that can save millions of lives.

We aim to empower patients with a platform to willingly share their medical experiences for the benefit of medical research and get duly rewarded. This way no one is deprived of medical help due to lack of money. The Nth Sense has the potential to be the answer to today's growing medical expense as well as a trusted and reliable platform for research institutes looking for authentic and quality health data.

But developing such a platform was going to be a rocky road. It sounds pretty fancy and cool on paper but is an ambitious dream with unending challenges such as lack of awareness and knowledge among the people and the fact that ‘DATA’ for most of us is just our internet pack.

Thus, the primary objective for us is to first make people aware about the importance of data, secure data sharing, and about the benefits of ethical data mining.

To know how this ambitious dream sets sail and become a reality...

Stay tuned…


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