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The triple aim of patient engagement platform.

By definition, a patient engagement platform is a tool that allows patients to stay in touch with their providers even beyond the walls of the hospital/clinic. To put it in other words, it is the bridge between the health seekers & the providers that keeps patients involved in their care and at the same time enables the healthcare professionals to amplify & enhance their practice.

That being so, the patient engagement platform clearly holds immense value in a healthcare system. It lives as a patient connect & thus has to have a sturdy foundation. Let us look into how it helps & what aim it holds.

Patient engagement platform gives wings to digital health

While health is being considered the real wealth, digital health is becoming substantial. To understand in depth about the concept of digital health, here is a blog that will truly help-

To define it in simple words, digital health is the manoeuvring of technology that has led to digital transformation in the healthcare industry, of course for the better. It makes the care patient-centric & eventually aids in patient satisfaction. On that account, it can be said that digital health has the potential to become a substantial element of the healthcare industry & digital revolution both.

The way digital health is becoming prevalent in today’s time, it makes it more important for patient engagement platforms to come into picture and give it a right direction. Here is the reason why- it has been quite a long time now that people start searching anything & everything about healthcare on the web as soon as they come across any queries. This routine got amplified owing to the circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Thus, making sure what is being searched gets an authentic answer is highly vital; only a patient engagement platform has that mastery which can help connect the patients to authentic information through their doctors & vice-a-versa.

Not one or two but ‘The triple’ aim of patient engagement platform-

Being so much in the spotlight of the healthcare industry, patient engagement platforms holds 3 major aims that lead to strengthening the healthcare -

1. Enhancing patient satisfaction -

A satisfied patient speeds up his recovery & becomes an asset to the provider. Patient satisfaction proves to be the pillar for doctors & standing strong for the doctors is the core aim of the patient engagement platform.

2. Improving health outcomes

With various solutions, analytics being the most significant one, patient connect holds a jumbo potential to improve the health outcomes of the patients. Data collected through this analytics gives a direct insight to the doctor via treatment feedbacks, health habits surveys, reviews on the content shared & at times the liking rate of the ambience in clinic. All these are added up only by the best patient engagement platform.

3. Lowering the cost of care

Making digital health accessible & more easy to understand, helps in various ways to cut the cost of care. It empowers patients to take informed decisions & avoid ending up investing money in unnecessary treatments. Health literacy becomes the hero here.

Why Nth Sense becomes the best breed patient engagement platform

Nth sense stands true these 3 aims; to add cherry on the top, it has its very own 4th too!

‘Nth Sense believes that ailments already create misery, why should the care style intensify it? So it strives to make healthcare a happy experience for the patients by helping the providers with an insight to patient satisfaction’.

Nth Sense is a platform that gives the patient a voice & enables the provider to hear it & integrate it into their care. Thus, the whole process aids both the sides of the coin, the seeker & the provider which ultimately strengthens the whole healthcare system.

Be a part of this healthcare revolution and let us help you to help yourself. Know more about the patient engagement solutions at Nth Sense at


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