Aum Shanti Yoga Studio

403 Harshvardhan Chambers Next to, Oshiwara Police Station Rd, Oshiwara, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400102

  • Ms Anjali Seernani, is a renowned Yoga Teacher in Mumbai, specializing in Yoga and its Holistic approach towards healthy well being. Her Yoga Institute Aum Shanti Yoga, helps adopt you the way of living by Harmonising Mind, Body and Spirit. Aum Shanti Yoga, teaches the perfect way to maintain a balanced outlook in the face of pressures from modern day living and maintain an equilibrium, a balance in our life.

  • She holds a Masters in Philosophy and Advanced Diploma in Yoga (Teacher Training) from Mumbai University along with several other certificate courses in Power Yoga, Chakras, Pilates, etc.

  • She believes in "Learning never stops" and hence still considers herself a student even after teaching Yoga to several people in and around Mumbai since 8 years.


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The Perfect set of 7 Yoga Asanas for Feminine Health

The practice of yoga has shown to make a significant difference in maintaining female body harmony and regulating the hormone system. Here are 7 best yoga asanas for feminine health you should swear by.