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[Disclaimer cum Declaration:

This declaration cum disclaimer is supplementary to the “terms of use’’ and “privacy policy” on our website.

Know all persons by these presents that any information or data contained herein is not meant to taunt or affect religious beliefs, hurt sentiments or otherwise affect public peace and order and any such effect/impact is purely co-incidental or accidental and not intentional and we disclaim any liability for same.

We expressly disclaim any liability, responsibility or obligation, implied or express, either monetary or otherwise, either direct, proximate or remote, punitive, consequential or indirect including without limitation to liability for potential losses/predicted losses or injuria and the recipient(s) of this mail, whether intended, authorised or accidental, expressly waive any such right, claim, privilege or power which they have  or is/are likely to have against the sender, theNthsense or any partner of Health Please.

Moreover, the information contained in this communication is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed or who/which is otherwise expressed to be the authorised recipient and others authorized to receive it. This communication may contain confidential or legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or action relying on the contents is prohibited and shall be unlawful and subject to legal liability including criminal prosecution. So you are required to delete the same immediately and notify us accordingly. Also, if you have received this communication in error or if you or your employer/guardian does not consent to the electronic mail/messages of this kind, please notify us immediately by responding to this email and then delete it from your system. No liability is accepted for any harm that may be caused to your system/s or data by this message. You, as recipient, shall and hereby agree to indemnify, keep indemnified and hold harmless, well and sufficiently saved, the sender of this mail (includes auto generated newsletters, advertisements, updates etc.), theNthsense and any  employee(s) and/or representative(s) of Health Please for any damage/loss/legal injury caused or likely to be caused to any or all of them, due to accessing this mail by you or any person/entity who/which is other than the one authorized to access it whether directly or indirectly connected to you, whether such damage/loss/legal injury is caused directly or indirectly through act/omission of such person/entity or any one claiming through/under or in trust for such person/entity/you. Moreover, the sender shall not be responsible for any loss/damage/legal injury caused or likely to be caused to the recipient person/entity who/which, not being authorized to receive this communication, receives and acts upon it.

We hereby declare that theNthsense is an initiative meant exclusively for collecting and where relevant, processing data collected with free consent of the data subject. We urge all our data subjects to stay in touch with us to know what is being done with their data and they have right to withdraw their consent to the processing of the data collected by us in so far as the data is being processed by us and subject to the lex loci of data subject conferring such a right on the data subject.

Please note: the word data subject(s) may ipso facto mean the addressee(s) or authorised recipient(s) of this mail, when the context so warrants or requires and has been referred to as ‘user’ on our website. The words addressee(s) or recipient(s) herein may also be applicable ipso facto to the client(s) of theNthsense or Health Please wherever the context warrants or requires]

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