What do you mean by Sign up? 

Sign up means "to register or to create an account".

By Signing up here you agree to be a part of TheNthsense.com.and you get the benefit of health sector updates/awareness blog. 


Why should I sign up?

By signing up you can enjoy the benefits of blog posting, participating in our survey according to your interests and earn rewards.


Why do you need my First and last name?

There could be several people of the same name. So when you provide us by your first name and last name we create a unique id for you. This way you can save all your information in your profile which is exclusive to you.


Why do you need my mobile number?

We are not asking for the Phone number as a required field. 


Why do you need my Email Address?

Providing your email will help you stay update all latest updates, blogs, and surveys that are posted on the website through our newsletters and notification


How can I trust you with my personal details?

Your data is secured with us. We do not share your information without permission. To know more you can read our privacy policies.


Will you send me advertising messages?

No. We won't send you any advertising messages. We will only send you newsletters, blog and survey updates based on your interests only if you signup for it.



Where can I see my profile?

You can see your profile by clicking on the icon of the profile picture on the top right corner of the website.


Can I put a profile picture of mine?

Yes, you can.


How do I change my password?

You can use the forgot password

The option is given while logging in to change the password. An email would be sent to your registered email ID.


How do I change my Mobile number?

You go to My account option in your profile to update your phone number.


How do I change my email address?

Login email address once registered cannot be changed but contact email can be updated in ‘My Account” - “Contact Email” and then select Update info.


How do I ensure that my personal details will not be given to other company or person without my permission?

With the help of secured encryption systems and dual key access, we ensure that all your Medical Data is safely recorded in one place without the fear of it being used or traded without permissions.



What is a blog?

A blog is an informal conversation between individuals or groups. On the Nth sense, you can share blogs and read blogs posted by others.


Where can I see the blogs?

You can click on the blog button on top of the page to view all the blogs posted on the website.

1) What is a survey?

A Survey is defined as a research method used for collecting data from a pre-defined group of respondents to gain information and insights on various topics of interest.

2) Is this platform similar to Google forms?

Yes, this is platform is similar to Google forms however, Nth Sense platform Rewards you everytime you take a Survey whereas Google forms may or may not reward you for every Survey you take. Moreover, we at, Nth Sense, only take Health related Surveys.

3) Is this platform similar to Survey monkey?
Yes, this is platform is similar to Survey Monkey however, Nth Sense platform Rewards you everytime you take a Survey whereas Survey Monkey may or may not reward you for every Survey you take. Moreover, we at, Nth Sense, only take Health related Surveys.

4) How do I answer surveys?

Firstly, please make sure that you are logged in to the Nth Sense account. Simply click on the Survey button on the Header. You will be taken to a page which will contain list of Surveys currently available. Click on the one you wish to take and there goes your Reward.


5) I have multiple answers for a question. How can I mention all my answers?
If the question specifically says multiple choices accepted, then you can mention all your answers. However, if nothing is specified then, Only one answer will be accepted.


6) Why are there only Health based surveys on this website?
We, at Nth Sense, take only Health related Surveys


7) I want to see only those surveys that interest me. How can I do that?
(This feature isn’t present currently right?)

8) How can I post my surveys?
Simply get in touch with us by sending an email on Business@thenthsense.com


1) Will I get money for answering surveys?

You will get Rewards by answering Surveys. You may use these rewards to meet your daily expenses.

2) How can I be sure that this is not a spam website?

We are a registered company and have met all the compliances of the State and Central Government. Still don’t trust us? We invite you to take a Survey with us and see yourself getting rewarded.

3) Is there a deposit or one time fee?
No, there is no deposit or One time fee.


1) How can I transfer them to my bank account?
Paytm Cash received as Reward can be sent to your bank using Paytm Application on web or Mobile App. Please make sure you have met all the KYC requirements of Paytm.


2) Is it safe to provide my bank details?

We at Nth Sense, don’t ask you for your Bank details. We just ask your Email Address and Mobile Number for smooth and error free transfer of Rewards.

3) Do you support UPI?

We don’t support UPI currently.

4) Can I get money in my Paytm wallet?

Yes, you can get money in Paytm Wallet.

5) I want hard cash. How can I get opt for that?

No, We at Nth Sense, Support the Digital India initiative by the Government of India hence, Hard Cash will not be rewarded.

1) How can I get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with us through various social media channels like Facebook, twitter and Linkedin. Additionally you can also send us an email on care@thenthsense.com

Please give 1 to 2 working days to respond to you.


2) What are your working hours?

Our Working Hours are Monday - Friday 9:30am to 6:00pm IST.

3) It has been more than a day since I sent an email but haven’t got any response yet. Why?

We are glad you reached out to us. Please allow us 1 to 2 working days to respond to you