What is the meaning of Nth Sense?

We all know that we use our 5 senses to perceive our world, these sense help us analyse and make decisions. But when you multiply the senses by ‘n’ that is infinity then you get Nth Sense - the epitome of all senses. The Nth Sense helps you take the best health decisions.


How does Nth Sense work in reality?

Nth Sense provides customised patient engagement services to healthcare providers to grow their practice using digital & physical media. It also empowers patients and health enthusiasts with timely health tips to lead a healthy life. 

How is Nth Sense helpful for the common user?

Nth Sense believes that healthcare is for all and no one should be deprived of it. 

So we regularly take health tips from certified health professionals and compile them in an easy to understand manner for our common users other than patients.

How is Nth Sense making Healthcare a Happy place?

Nth Sense firmly believes that authentic information and open communication can help build a bridge between people and healthcare providers, paving a way towards better health experiences and healthy living. With several patient engagement solutions that support this belief, Nth Sense endeavors to make healthcare a happy place. 

Nth Sense says “Connect, Engage and Retain” but who?

The patients! It is for the healthcare providers who can connect with the potential patients, engage with them and retain the existing ones by creating an empathetic experience. 

Who are the founders of Nth Sense?

Nth Sense has two superlative and visionary founders - Mr. Yash Bharwani & Ms. Nidhi Gopiani who aim to establish a safe and happy space for the patient and their provider.


Nth Sense serves in which countries?

Currently, Nth Sense has its patient engagement client base in India and  USA, However, we are open to exploring and adding new geographies.

Are there any Job Openings in Nth Sense?

Currently, we don't have any job openings. However, please follow us on LinkedIn to get an update on future job openings.

Is Nth Sense a Digital Marketing Agency? 

Nth Sense is India’s leading patient engagement service provider which is surely not a conventional digital marketing agency. Marketing stands for promotion while patient engagement is more about compassion. Healthcare is not a product that relies on marketing. The entire model of Nth Sense works on empathy, compassion & happy experience.

Does patient engagement really improve healthcare? How will Nth Sense help in it?

Indeed! Increased awareness, enhanced patient experience and better treatment outcomes are the byproducts of patient engagement activities; ultimately improving healthcare. Nth Sense holds years of expertise in channelising the right set of solutions to bring these activities into practice. 

Does Nth Sense have a YouTube Channel?

Yes! Nth Sense has an active youtube channel that shares interesting and informative videos on healthy living. If you find topics like weight loss plateau difficult to understand, you will find conversations with certified nutritionists; if you are looking for some easy lunch box ideas, you will find 5 different youtube shorts, and so on. Do subscribe to our channel for regular updates.


What do you mean by Sign up? 

Sign up means "to register or to create an account".

By Signing up here you agree to be a part of TheNthSense.com.and you get the benefit of health sector updates/awareness blog. 


Why should I sign up on Nth Sense?

If you care for your health and do not want to fall for unauthentic forwarded health tips, you should sign up on Nth Sense! 

If you are a healthcare professional and want to enhance your patient’s experience, increase patient footfall, and retain them, you should sign up on Nth Sense!

Why do you need my First and last name?

There could be several people of the same name. So when you provide us by your first name and last name we create a unique id for you. This way you can save all your information in your profile which is exclusive to you.


Why do you need my mobile number?

We are not asking for the Phone number as a required field. 


Why do you need my Email Address?

Providing your email will help you stay update all latest updates, blogs, and surveys that are posted on the website through our newsletters and notification


How can I trust you with my personal details?

Your data is secured with us. We do not share your information without permission. To know more you can read our privacy policies.

I don’t want to login or subscribe. Nth Sense will spam me with promotional emails.

Don't worry! There are no irritating emails sent. When you subscribe to Nth Sense you get email updates whenever a new authentic health blog is published on our website only to help you take care of your health.


Will you send me advertising messages?

No. We won't send you any advertising messages. We will only send you newsletters, blog and survey updates based on your interests only if you signup for it.



Where can I see my profile?

You can see your profile by clicking on the icon of the profile picture on the top right corner of the website.


Can I put a profile picture of mine?

Yes, you can.


How do I change my password?

You can use the forgot password

The option is given while logging in to change the password. An email would be sent to your registered email ID.


How do I change my Mobile number?

You go to My account option in your profile to update your phone number.


How do I change my email address?

Login email address once registered cannot be changed but contact email can be updated in ‘My Account” - “Contact Email” and then select Update info.


How do I ensure that my personal details will not be given to other company or person without my permission?

With the help of secured encryption systems and dual key access, we ensure that all your Medical Data is safely recorded in one place without the fear of it being used or traded without permissions.



What is a blog?

A blog is an informal conversation between individuals or groups. On the Nth sense, you can share blogs and read blogs posted by others.


Where can I see the blogs?

You can click on the blog button on top of the page to view all the blogs posted on the website.


How can I contact Nth Sense?

You can get in touch with us through our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Additionally you can also send us an email on care@thenthsense.com or ring us at +91 72762 57740

Please give 2 to 3 working days to respond to you. Our Working Hours are Monday - Friday 9:30am to 6:00pm IST.

It has been more than a day since I sent an email but haven’t got any response yet. Why?

We are glad you reached out to us. Please allow us 1 to 2 working days to respond to you