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Rida wellness transparent logo.png

Dr. Reshma's Health & Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Add 1: 01, Anand Avenue, Sakore Nagar, Viman nagar, Pune 14
Add 2: 811, Global Business Hub, Kharadi, Pune 14

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  • Dr. Reshma Sagari, the Director of Rida Wellness, is a leading Homeopath and Bach Flower Therapist who loves to nurture wellness with nature.

  • Her brand Rida Wellness focusses on Holistic Wellness specializing on the emotional health and wellness as the root consideration towards overall health and wellbeing.

  • She also works very closely with large corporates to design holistic wellness programs for their workplaces.

  • She also facilitates Health Talks on various social platforms towards the society as a give back. Rida Wellness caters to masses through Natural Wellness Products made from Plant & Flower extracts and Deep Sea Minerals utilizing their therapeutic properties.

  • She graduated from the leading DSH Medical College in Pune in the year 2004. She is a GP Birla Young Woman Leader Fellow 2018.  

Dr Reshma Sagari

Homeopath- Bach Flower Therapy - Tissue Salt Therapy - Acupressure - Lifestyle - Healthcare Products


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Rs 25

Rs 25

Homeopathy Survey

Share your opinion about homeopathy that will help us understand your needs and preferences better to provide you with the best treatments.


Unveiling Homeopathy with Dr. Reshma Sagari

Choosing a healthcare methodology is a difficult task but making a choice based on misconception is dangerous! Dr Reshma Sagri brings you 13 facts to help you understand homeopathy better.

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