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  • Specialized in radiology including the recent advanced CBCT.

  • Her major includes diagnosing and treatment of oral cancer, tobacco (Ghutka) induced changes in oral cavity, lesions, ulcers, immuno-compromised individuals, differently abled patients, patients with chronic medical ailments.

  • Best National paper awardee on the topic “Tongue cancer in non - habituate young adults”.

  • Ex – Consultant in Goa & Bangalore

  • Currently consulting in various clinic in Ranchi

Dr Swati Kumar

Consultant Oral Medicine & Maxillofacial Radiologist

B.D.S , M.D.S , FAGE (IND)

JPSC Rank Holder


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Rs 25

Rs 25

Dental Health  Survey

A quick survey about your general dental habits that will help us understand your dentistry needs better and provide you with the best treatments.

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Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental management plays an important role during pregnancy that needs to be addressed because teeth are often one of the most ignored parts of our body.

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