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6 things Healthcare Professionals should not do on social media

Greetings to all the healthcare providers. We all know and see how some doctors are social media superstars while for some social media becomes a bit of a mystery. Superstar doctors may use any or all digital platforms and the others might just struggle for their online presence.

What arises as a topic of concern is whether whatever being posted on social media is actually posted the way it should be. As the American author of Socialnomics, Erik Qualman states- ‘‘we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it’’.

Though the benefits served by social media to healthcare are immensely appreciated, there are certain don’ts which are sometimes more important than the dos. Think times before doing the following activities on social media -

6 things you should not do on social media-

1. Don’t mix your personal and professional accounts

First things first, keep your personal and professional accounts separate. Don’t post your private information and see to it if whatever you post suits the need of your clients. Posting anything unnecessary can tarnish your professional reputation. To put it in simple words- if you would talk to your patients in a clinic in person, would you ever tell them that you partied hard the other night and had a great time? No right? That’s it!

2. Don’t post gross images of the treatment

Though some images are factual and actual about the diseases and its appearance, don’t post any disgraceful visuals about it. It can have adverse effects on the viewer & he/she might create an imaginary image about the treatment increasing their phobia. Most of the patients are already anxious & nervous about their health issues. Gross treatment images can make him/her even more hesitant to consult and get the treatment done. After all, social media is all about visuals you see, so it becomes important to share the information creatively.

3. Don’t overuse or use irrelevant hashtags

Mash the myth of hashtag use. It is generally considered that using more and more hashtags helps in more and more reach. The fact is, correct and relatable hashtags win the game. There is a way to search the suitable hashtags and not create your own.

4. Don't get involved into the controversial topics of the society

Speak only in your domain of expertise. Just to live in the trends, don’t unnecessarily fall into the needless topics on the web. They come and go every day, but your reputation is what will stay. Or you might see patients leaving your side or influence other patients about you or anything if they find out that your opinions on such hot-blooded issues contradict theirs. All of this can harm your medicinal practice.

5. Don’t create same strategies for all mediums

Every social media platform has its own algorithm. Every element of different platforms works differently. There are activities like organic and paid campaigns that need a type of research before execution.

6. Don’t post anything that can reveal a patient’s identity

Confidentiality is a must, especially on the web where access to the consumer data has become so easy. Respect the patient’s privacy.

Always remember the golden rule- social media is to impact and not impress. Keep your authenticity and consistency intact.

Got tangled? Do you find maintaining all these don’ts as a tough task? Here is a last don’t to do- Don’t worry! Here is a perfect way out. Nth Sense, a patient engagement platform aids you in all the above 6 don’ts and manages all your worries.

How does Nth Sense help?

With various patient engagement solutions, Nth Sense strategizes for every healthcare provider and helps them in managing their online presence right from creating an account (if not already) to maintaining it with all the positive outcomes. It aids in effective doctor-patient communication across all the social media platforms. A dedicated team works on the social media strategy that covers the making of the creative and using the apt hashtags while posting. What helps us stand out & different is our feedback service which enables patients to review their treatment, thus establishing a 2 way doctor-patient communication.

Visit our website to know more about how Nth Sense Works.

Your practice, our service! Connect with us and enhance your social media presence without any hustle.


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