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Digital Patient Engagement – Why and How?

It is a known fact that patient engagement empowers patients to change their health outcomes and have a faster recovery rate. While some family physicians and health care providers used to engage patients in their health care through personal interactions, systematic patient engagement has become a norm in almost every health care establishment in recent times.

In the digital age of today, patient engagement has moved beyond verbal communication, counseling and filling up forms to using technology for the purpose. Patient engagement using the latest technologies has become the need of the hour today. It is simple and convenient and patients can have access to their health issues and treatment options on their smartphones in a few clicks.

Digital patient engagement is cost-effective and time-saving. Like every other communication, it is a two-way interaction between doctors and patients to improve the latter’s health.

Patients are given the knowledge, skills, and resources to become active participants in their own health care management through technology. Technological interference provides improved access to health information, shared decision-making, and greater connectivity with all the stakeholders.

Technology has percolated into practically every sphere of life and people are used to digital tools on a daily basis. Hence, they also want the same kind of convenience and time-saving methods in health care. Health care providers in India are yet in the nascent stages of digital patient engagement but are receiving wide support from patients who do not want to wait too long in their treatment.

Being used to quick services through technology, people are less willing to accept delays, inconvenience, and lack of control traditionally experienced in health care. We, at the Nth Sense, help medical establishments to provide quality patient engagement solutions at a nominal cost, which is a win-win situation for both the care provider and the taker.

Another important role of technology in health care is that it helps patients in goal setting and through the available data it helps to improve outcomes, timely access to health services and healthy lifestyle choices. It also eliminates the need for the patient to visit the hospital frequently for petty things and helps the concerned doctor to monitor the health status of patients through digital tools.

Nth Sense enables the doctors and healthcare providers with their own customized profile wherein they can collect surveys, stay connected with their patients and publish helpful information and healthcare advice in the form of interactive blog posts and videos.

We believe that such engagement goes a long way in patient care and loyalty which marks the reputation of the service provider. Furthermore, this kind of patient engagement ensures transparency and consequently the faith and loyalty of the patient and his/her relatives towards the health care establishment.

There are several means of digital patient engagement besides patient portals, health records, text communication to name a few. However, there is a need to bring about change in patient behavior where maximum patients start using digital tools for their convenience and health care needs.

Nth Sense is connecting with like minded doctors and healthcare providers who wish to change the healthcare scenario in India and make healthcare more inclusive and patient-centric. If you are a doctor or healthcare provider looking for effective digital patient engagement solutions, connect with the Nth Sense today!


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