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Easy to maintain pre wedding diet, fitness & nutrition

Wedding Da Season Hain!

Planning for a pre-wedding photoshoot? Well, plan for a pre-wedding diet too!

PS- that's more trendy!

Being a bride ain’t easy! Okay, even the groom isn't! But the point is, amidst the hustle bustle of booking the perfect venue, picking up the dreamy wedding trousseau, choosing a great menu, preparing the guest list and all other hundreds of chores, you might just forget the most important thing of all- YOU!

No, we are not talking about getting done with the game-face with expensive treatments or crash diets, but about wedding fitness and pre wedding diet tips to help you stay fit throughout.

Well, wellness goes beyond losing a couple of kilos by starving yourself. It's all about staying on the top of your health game as much as possible. This can be achieved with a regulated lifestyle, nutritious diet, apt fitness regime; all of it will make you feel-good, look-good not just on your D-day but throughout the path of reaching till our ‘mandap’. Confidence and good health will look lovely on you, trust us! So let us build that. Our star nutritionist Ankita Vaidya tells us how to do so.

Read all about pre wedding diet, wedding fitness and easy tips to follow throughout your pre-wedding days. She has answered the most commonly asked questions. Keep reading.

Question 1

How to keep fit while wedding shopping?


Plan your day one day ahead

While shopping you will be sold for super long hours, no doubt about that! So plan your day one day ahead. You can go with either of these 2 options-

Eat your breakfast and move out so that you can have healthy food by your lunch time, say dal rice, subway sandwich, or tomato uttapam; anything that is light yet nutritious.

Another plan could be post-lunch; have your lunch around 1pm so that you have enough 4-5 hours until your next meal time (so shop till you drop).

This way you will avoid munching all day long. Meanwhile you can grab a juice/chikki/homemade ladoos/granular bars in between your travel time.

Question 2

Is it advisable to have brunch while wedding preparations?


As an emergency? Yes! As a first option? No!

Once in a while is fine. Brunch affects your regular habits; a brunch means waking up late, skipping breakfast, and irregular eating time. If you get habitual of brunch, you will feel hungrier in the evening. And that's a trap! You may go haywire eating all that you wished to avoid (yes those vadapavs, chat, etc.)

Question 3

How to manage good hair and skin?


Start a clean diet & good lifestyle minimum 3 months prior

Well, your body needs a minimum of 3 months to develop the result you desire. Nothing is overnight. Oh! got too late to know? Don’t worry, here are some quick tips -

  1. Have vitamin C rich foods - amla, berries, melons, oranges

  2. Replace extra tea & caffeine consumption with green tea- excess tea increases pitta level making your skin darker & tanner

  3. Maintain your digestion- consume triphala or harde in the night

  4. Go big on ghee and white makhhan - it does wonders in winters

  5. Include Aliv (garden cress seeds)- add it to ladoos or kheer

Question 4

How to keep a cap on the sugar cravings?


Mitha toh banta hai, but with caution!

  1. Have wholesome fruits

  2. Have traditional sweets (made in sugar also works if home made, yes you read that right!) watch our health talk on youtube on pre-wedding fitness to know why Ankita Vaidya says so!

  3. Compensate with a diet rich in micronutrients. Salad can be counted as one of the meals.

  4. Start your day with nuts and oil seeds.

Question 5

Is the summer and winter pre-wedding diet different?


Yes, so go seasonal!

Here is a readymade winter-week plan -

  1. From Monday to Thursday - Opt for Millets like Bajra, Ragi, Rajgira

  2. On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays - Focus on Legumes & Pulses

  3. Include roots and tubers like sweet potato, yam, raw banana minimum thrice a week

  4. Consume Amla in as many ways possible

  5. Seasonal fruits are a must, always!

Summer special pre-wedding diet-

  1. Reduce the intake of millets to twice or thrice a week

  2. Have sprouts just twice or thrice a week

  3. Focus more on rice, wheat, quinoa

  4. Add summer fruits - mangoes, melon, ice apple

Pro tip to avoid sugar cravings

Maintain an appropriate proportion of food. For example, if you have one portion of carbs, your protein intake should be half of the same. This balance helps you keep those mid day sugar cravings at bay! Try once.

So that's a read.

Hope you found this blog helpful. Incase of personal dietary doubts, get in touch with Nutritionist Ankita Vaidya to plan your personalised pre wedding diet.

Just to drop a hint, we will be sharing answers to another set of wedding fitness questions in our next blog soon. That will focus on the wedding diet for those 3-4 big days! So stay there.

Nutrigenomics Counselor,

Sports nutritionist and Postgraduate in

Food Science and Dietetics.


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