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Nth Sense Ki Kahani: Episode 1

“Health care is a basic right, and no one should be

deprived of proper healthcare due to lack of money.”

The parent company, ‘Health Please’ was already working to make pathology and diagnostics accessible.

But there was a bigger problem; “The problem of lack of money’, that caused hindrance into the lives of many.

What could be done?

How could proper healthcare be made affordable to the masses, without them having to depend on any external resources? With thoughts like these circling in the mind, we sat together to pinpoint a sustainable solution to India’s problem of Affordable Healthcare.

Now, there were 2 angles to the spectrum of the so-called – ‘Affordability Dilemma’

First, the ever-rising health care expense.

And second, the ability to pay.

Health Please was already making efforts to minimize the expense on health by making multiple healthcare institutes accessible to the people as well as facilitating blood test sample collection at the ease of people’s homes.

But the problem of unavailability of disposable income at times of emergencies still pricked many.

Wish to know how this problem was going to be solved.

Stay tuned…


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