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Digital health is the future wealth.

It is health that is real wealth & today these two words- ‘digital’ & ‘future’, have given a substantial dimension to this saying!

Surfing on the internet for anything & everything is a common happening for a long time now. Answers of all the questions be it a lame one or literally about existentialism, all of them are simply googled.

And when talking about doubts, nothing but ‘healthcare’ is what becomes the most talked topic.

Looking at the past year of pandemic(2020), the healthcare system of almost all the countries have witnessed a whole different scenario. Need not repeat the reasons as they are now very-well-known!

But there is a bigger picture that needs to be brought in front.

Whenever there is a doubt, the very first thought that strikes is- ‘Hey Siri/Hey Google! Which is not wrong in fact convenient; but then again if it is about health concerns, shouldn't it be ‘HeyDoc’; meaning asking & knowing it from the experts? Afterall, authenticity of the information becomes highly important when digital health is thriving.

So what is digital health?

The today & of course the future of healthcare.

To elaborate, digital health is using technology to help improve individuals' health and wellness. It's a broad and growing sector that is making the whole healthcare industry patient-centric. It can rigorously enfold everything from wearable gadgets to ingestible sensors, from mobile health apps to artificial intelligence, from robotic machines to electronic records. It is all about analysing & applying the digital transformation, by the way of modern technologies and a little cultural change & putting it all together into the healthcare sector.

Looking at one of its aspects here, in basic words it can be considered as- doctor-patient relationship online.

Greatest roles of digital health-

  1. Curbing long-term healthcare costs.

  2. Enabling better healthcare outcomes as the patient is enabled to stay involved in his treatment.

  3. Empowering both the patient and the healthcare provider with real-time data and connections with each other.

  4. Enabling the introduction of new contributors to the healthcare ecosystem by connecting with the independent individuals in healthcare.

The above 4 roles which digital health plays enhances the patient engagement scenario and drives opportunities across the healthcare field as today’s patients themselves want to be informed and engaged. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies get a closer connection to their patients with the feedback shared by them over any treatment as an insight.

The important side of digital health

So far we know the goodness of digital health, but for it to be as useful as it possibly can, it needs to be used by the widest range of people possible involved in anything around health.

This can possibly happen when the gap between the two key players of the healthcare industry- providers & the seekers, decreases to a notable extent. This scenario calls in a patient manager/patient connect one might call it as.

Nth Sense shares the same opinion

Nth Sense an online patient engagement platform holds the same opinion about the importance of enhancing the usage of digital health. With its expertise, Nth Sense strives to make healthcare a positive experience for the patients making the apt use of digital health.

To know what & how exactly Nth Sense functions, visit


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