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Digital Media in Nutrition Marketing - a combination for better client experience.

‘’Social media isn’t just a social outlet,

but essential for most wellness businesses.’’

The use of social media, the foremost of digital media, in the healthcare industry has skyrocketed visibly. Why is this so? Well because a healthcare provider has to be present where his target group (patients) is looking for him. Digital Media builds a bridge between the healthcare providers and the seekers and enables them to do so. However, the strategy behind leveraging the power of social media varies from professional to professional.

Today let us consider nutrition marketing using digital media and its contribution to enhancing patient experience, here client experience.

Nutritionists for Today’s Age

Several Nutritionists have recognized the role of the internet and have penetrated social media platforms. However the number is not sizable which is why authentic information is scarce. There is a lot of half-truth being shared.

When it comes to nutrition, people must understand that somebody else’s diet plan cannot work in the same manner for him. Thus, following people can be good only to keep the motivation but not for copying them. Afterall, every body is composed differently.

TIP- Heard about nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is a medium that helps you find out the right requirements of your body based on your DNA and enables you to customize your routine accordingly.

Just like someone else's diet may not work for everyone, someone else's marketing plan may not work for you.

~ Says founder of Nth Sense

For all this to happen, the presence of a certified nutritionist becomes crucial. It gives an opportunity to become a trusted source of information to a nutritionist and trust powers positive patient experience.

Here is a list of some highly liked nutrition influencers we found who have taken the charge to provide authentic nutritional information to people on social media and are gaining a lot of visibility-

Let us discover the ins and outs of social media marketing for nutritionists

Benefits of Blending Nutrition & Social media

Did you know?

More than 40 percent of customers agree that the information found on social media impacts the way they handle their healthcare.

(Source: Mediabistro)

Well, social media doesn’t only draw in new clients, but also establishes your name as a trusted online nutrition authority. After all, the patient journey often begins online. Listing top 3 benefits -

  • Helps establish better relationships with clients

  • Attracts new patients

  • A platform to showcase leadership


Digital Media opens up the scope to collect patient feedback, cater patient experience and also keep them anonymous.

How to make the most of social media platforms?

  • Have consistency with patience. It can take some time to build a strong following.

  • Have a pattern and share more about topics you are passionate about.

  • Keep uniqueness to your content.

  • Engage with followers by replying to their comments.

Note- Considering the Don'ts on social media is equally important.

Leverage digital channels including social media with Nth Sense

Nth Sense has a proven record of helping its Nutritionist clients to reach their target audience by a personalized strategy. Here is one of the many case studies-

Nutritionist Ankita Vaidya, Get Nutricrafted.

  1. Ankita is extremely passionate about the science of Nutrigenomics and wants to share this secret with her clients and the rest of the world to empower people to make better health decisions. However, she experienced that explaining it can be complicated and sometimes boring. When she approached the Nth Sense team with this topic, we decided to explain it using comic strip-like characters. The complete strategy not only made it easy to understand but also pretty interesting and humorous as well. Ankita's clients were able to understand the importance of nutrigenomics way better through this approach and started showing a lot of inquiries.

  2. Offline schools started again after a long gap of 2 years bringing relief but also raising concern in the minds of parents. The biggest challenge was easy and healthy lunch boxes! Being a mother herself, Ankita was concerned about this topic and wanted to help her fellow mothers. So Nth Sense and Ankita together thought of suggesting 5 easy to make, delicious & nutritious recipes for kids! However, considering Ankita's super busy schedule, Nth Sense shot the entire video on her behalf and helped her make everyday kids' lunch box an easy task.

Don't feel pressured to create all of your content, get associated with patient engagement platform like Nth Sense.


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