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Digital Yoga: here's all you need to know

Today’s most popular fitness trends were somewhere unplumbed until the beginning of the last year(2020). Although not all of them, some of these have out-turned owing to the pandemic & the way people come what may have adapted to the act of social distancing & accepted its impacts. Nevertheless, the definition of ‘fitness’ evolves here to integrate more than just physical well-being.

This blog is about the talk of the town topic yet the most embraced fitness practice; Yoga!

The rise of yoga

Yoga has been known to the world for ages, but its magnitude has been endorsed widely since the outbreak of COVID-19. This fact holds different reasons to it, to start with- yoga & Ayurveda got a thumbs-up from various national & international health organizations as the practices to stay fit at home. The closed gyms & other fitness centers which somehow compelled everybody to exercise at home & consider easy yet effective forms like yoga is yet another cause. To a certain level, peer/online influence where people took upon yoga challenges saying #YogaSeHoga and etc. also bags the list of reasons.

Clearly, whatever was running around yoga was online and virtual yoga became the trend, which is still the case. This digital revolution was widely visible not just in India but across the oceans too. Since then, home fitness through yoga has become one of the biggest fitness trends making digital health more influential.

Now how does digital health come into the picture?

Virtual living which made fitness virtual too stimulated digital health and gave rise to two considerable facets- positive & negative both!

Positive is of course that it took healthcare on another level and helped continue the fitness practices without the need for physical presence. It made at-home workouts possible.

But when looked at the larger picture, there rises a concern along with the benefits; just as the two sides of a single coin. As online platforms offer a wide scope to anybody and everybody to share whatever they wish to, checking whether what is being shared is authentic or not becomes a taxing task; especially when it is about health and fitness, because there are no trials and errors allowed! And most importantly, following yoga asanas virtually on screens is quite tough.

Yoga being an ancient yet scientific form of exercise was practiced physically under the guidance of yoga experts. It demanded an in-person demonstration of all the asanas to be practiced. But what came as the wave of destruction last year also brought in the need for the fitness instructors to upgrade themselves and go online. Thus, yoga & digital health got linked.

Why do Yoga Instructors need to participate in digital health?

Digital health is nothing but the usage of digital platforms/ technologies to make healthcare accessible, improve the health outcomes via all online means possible & enhance the physical & emotional well-being of the people. Considering the ‘new normal’ lifestyle of the people, it becomes essential for fitness instructors like yoga experts to dive into online patient engagement platforms to make yoga easy & accessible to all; Because an experienced patient engagement platform gives wings to digital health!

Well, this might turn out to be a little uphill for the instructors as this isn't their domain. Thus Nth Sense, an online patient engagement platform pulls all the gears to accomplish this goal along with the concerned healthcare provider; as of here the yoga instructors.

Nth Sense Solutions for Fitness Instructors (Here, Yoga)-

Here are the things you should know about how Nth Sense works-

  • With its customized patient engagement solutions, Nth Sense lays out a strategy based on the requirement of the instructor.

  • It gives a diversified package that includes all the prominent solutions towards a positive patient experience.

  • Nth Sense with analytics, feedback & surveys as its supremacy, gives an insight into how the patients are receiving your way of providing care online & helps with amendments if required.

A Short case study

Catering to the needs of one of the renowned yoga instructors & founder of Aum Shanti Yoga- Anjali Seernani, Nth Sense walked an extra mile.

Along with other patient engagement solution, Blogs & Videos were created in which Anjali herself demonstrated the asanas; this brought 4 major advantages-

  1. It made the yoga poses look easy to practice.

  2. It helped the authentic yoga information reach the audience.

  3. It created a sense of connectivity with her existing patients which had faded to a certain extent due to social distancing norms.

  4. It altogether enhanced patient experience & satisfaction which is ultimately the most crucial goal of healthcare.

Read here one of her blogs that talked about yoga asanas for sciatica.

Nth Sense aims to make healthcare a happy experience by aiding the healthcare instructors & professionals with its patient engagement solutions. Thus, Nth Sense plays a crucial role in digital health & strives to strengthen the healthcare industry.


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