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Expert Advice on Helping Children Cope Up with The Covid-19 Lockdown

It has been quite a long time since children have been off school and many of them are now getting bored as they do not have much left to do in terms of outdoor activities or visits to the park or the play zones or the grandparents and stuff such as playing with friends and all.

Managing children, especially toddlers, can be difficult for many parents, especially parents who manage work and home, as children do not understand the situation and tend to feel more aggravated due to the restriction. So, what can families do to survive the self-isolation besides the COVID-19 virus?

To help working parents comprehend and handle the situation of lockdown tactfully and get the best out of it for themselves as well as their children, we at Nth Sense bring a detailed outlook and a doable solution that will help parents keep their children entertained and calm during the lockdown.

Here is an insight on what Holistic Wellness Coach & Homeopath Dr. Reshma Sagari, suggests on how to take care and communicate with children during the coronavirus lockdown.

Dr. Reshma who is a mother of a 7 year old, suggests in such cases it is important to orient the child with what is happening and set clear expectations of your availability during the day. Find time out of your routine to talk to the child on regular intervals while WFH so that the kid/s are aware of the time out from work that gives them assurance that mom and dad are going to get back to us in a while. It is also an adaptation process for them and helps them transition smoothly. Take regular breaks with meaningful and qualitative time spent with your kid/s on a daily basis for positive emotional engagement

Engage the child in different activities that will help in entertaining them, such as games, home schooling and much more.

Much depends on the age of the children. Older children are easier to handle but it is difficult to make the younger ones understand if you are working from home.

If you have a toddler, communicate to your office for a flexible working schedule. Parents and adults at home working/not working should divide their time and responsibility to ensure the child does not feel alone or unattended.

With routines disrupted and families confined to their homes, frustration and feeling of anxiousness are taking a toll on people’s mental wellbeing, causing many of us to easily feel irritated.

Dr. Reshma, from her experience of homeschooling her daughter, points out that family members need to work together in order to make the work-life balance easy for all. Sharing responsibilities and communicating effectively can work wonders for all. To make it easier and helpful for all parents and guardians, here are a few pointers that shall smoothen your lockdown time.

  • Each parent can take turns off from work or meetings to care for the child.

  • If the children are old enough to understand about the present pandemic, have conversations with them and try to allay their fears positively without fear, explain why self-isolation is important and why they cannot go outdoors for a few months.

  • If they have been assigned tasks online or through email from school, then make a timetable for every subject. A timetable for hobbies or practising what they learn at various classes besides family time could go a long way in keeping them occupied.

  • There are various online classes which you can do together or enrol them for it. You can encourage them to dance if it is their passion or better still just put on the music and dance with them. You can sing with them, exercise together, encourage them to read good books as per their age and if possible read together.

  • The entire family, including the children, can help in baking and cooking, doing other household chores with the music on, and playing indoor games.

  • Put that cell phone or laptop away and play actual games with them. Indulge them in craft, painting, and other activities. But don’t forget to give each other little space to be alone for self-alignment.

  • Stay connected with extended families and friends through video chats. Your entire family can also video chat with the families of your kid’s friends. It will make them feel better. If they see you chatting only with your friends it could again play spoilsport in your relationship with your child during these challenging times.

The current scenario is uncertain and daunting for all of us. But as guardians of our young ones we need to make sure that they are comfortable, safe and healthy. Take care of your children as well as yourself. We at the Nth Sense are continuously striving to provide the best information and tips that will ensure you and your family are healthy and entertained.

Connect with us through our social channels (@nth_sense_) for more such informative and entertaining articles by different health experts. Also, tell us if you have any tips on how people can make the best out of this lockdown. After all, we are together in this. Stay home, Stay safe!

Spend the best possible time at home with your children. Stay tuned with the Nth Sense to get updates on interesting activities and games that are fun and the same time helpful for the children to learn something new.

Dr. Reshma Sagari.

Homeopath and Wellness Coach


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