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How Nth Sense aims to become the epicenter of healthcare wisdom

The science of Medicine is greatly based on the principle of experience, and thus its called the ‘practice of medicine’.

This accurately points out that while dealing with an ailing human body, the treatments demand a wise decision. This wisdom to take the right course of treatment comes with practice and experience of years and which is why medicine has one of the most elaborate academic programs. These extensive learning programs and years of practice make our beloved doctors, experts in solving our body’s ailments & healing our pain.

So if this is the case and they are already experts of their craft then, what can a 2 year old startup (Nth Sense) really tell them about patients or Patient Engagement? They seem to know more about patients than patients themselves, right?

But here’s the catch! Let's take a step back and understand what is healing. Health or healing is not just a physical process but something which is rooted deep down in our subconscious.

Looking at the current doctor patient ratio in India, a doctor sees plenty of patients in a day. This might have helped them master their craft of curing the complaints but what arises as a question is whether a subconscious comfort is also given to the patients. Owing to the fact that healing in several cases heavily depends on the patient's cognitive experiences, this question needs to be solved in time.

Yet again what does Nth sense have that the doctors already don’t know?

Nth Sense has the patient's perspective.

Here is what the co-founder of Nth Sense has to say-

It is slightly difficult to expect healthcare professionals to step into a patient’s shoes to understand what he goes through. But at the same time it can't be ignored. This is where Nth Sense steps in, with a profound knowledge of what a patient needs.

Just to let you know, the understanding which Nth Sense always banks on does not sprout from an innovative idea or any analytics. Our acquaintance with the patient’s perspective, pain points, fears, inhibitions etc. comes from nowhere but real & personal experiences.

Nidhi Narrates-

I have spent years being a patient of chronic illness, and have experienced the lack of connection with the doctors personally. Considering the importance of it, this is when we felt a need to build a bridge between the doctors and patients by bringing Nth Sense into being.

Years of walking in and out of treatments, and dealing with pain, I thoroughly realized what you as a patient might feel or are going through. I understand that entrusting your life in a doctor's hands needs immense trust and faith. These elements are built by not only giving accurate treatment, but also cognitive/ mental assurance.

My journey as a patient has been a real long one, but looking at the good side of it, I have now comprehended some of the best methods that can silently assure patients and help them in a speedy and a healthy recovery-

1. Being available and accessible in times of despair:

During my ill health, I had a ton of questions coming in and out in my head without even considering the time. Finding their answers became difficult when I was not with the doctor. But we can't even expect doctors to answer our panic calls at every small bruise. Although having the assurance that they are there to answer all the questions is enough and vital.

Nth Sense’s information bank curated by the doctor you are associated with is a simple solution to find the most authentic answers to your worries. I can assure this because if I believed in only google than according to it I was supposed to be dead years ago :))

2. A Blissful Ambience:

The ‘before and after’ in clinics and hospitals do not help anybody’s cause. They simply scare the patients in the waiting room or at worse gross them out. Healing is a great thing then why should hospitals be depressing?

To aid this situation, Nth sense tries to brighten up the in clinic experiences by helping the doctors make their spaces happy using beautifully designed infographics and interactive processes.

3. Feedback:

I would love to tell my doctor, ‘stop your staff from saying regressive things to patients’, but I have no right place to say that! Or at times I would want to tell my doctor that the medicine he prescribes is making me bankrupt, but still the same, how and where!

Nth sense offers a platform which helps patients to give the right feedback and stay connected with your doctor.

To wrap up what has been said -

Considering the above as the 3 pillars of patient engagement, Nth Sense unfolds the basic requirement of the healthcare system i.e. a bridge to communicate between the seekers and the providers. This will not only help make patients feel less anxious, but also help them make better health decisions resulting in faster healing and healthy living.

As a patient myself I would surely want to hear, see and feel more positivity during my treatment. I am sure you must be wanting the same in your illness.

When already in pain, why fuel it with anxiety?

Nth Sense is all about how to make patients feel less anxious and more welcomed. This simple notion comes from decades of experience which bestows Nth Sense with the wisdom to help make healthcare a happy experience!

Visit and embark your journey of good health.

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seo team
seo team
23 mars 2021

This is an excellent post. Helpful information about How Nth Sense aims to become the epicenter of healthcare wisdom.

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