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Nth Sense Ki Kahani: Episode 3

Awareness amongst the people is a major problem. People have no idea what data monetization or data mining is, let alone utilizing it for their benefit. The main task at hand is to do something about this state of oblivion.

Another challenge that underlined was making sure that only correct and authentic information reaches to people and no misconception about the subject is created.

How did we manage to pull it off?

Heavy terms and industry jargons are scary and confusing, we don't want to scare people or make them defensive about data. In fact, we want to introduce, empower and educate the common man about the world of data..

In reality, medical data is nothing but the information that is generated through fitness tracking apps and other devices that regularly compute data. For example, when you use a mobile app to keep track of your daily diet and exercise routine, you are generating valuable data every day that is useful in medical research and many

medical expeditions. The only difference is that this data generated by you is sold for millions with without your knowledge or consent and you being totally

oblivious about it.

Nth sense aims to reverse this system and give the end user i.e. the patient or the real owner of the data the right to choose whether their data is to be traded or not and at the same time making sure that the patient or the data owner gets rewarded for contributing to the data bank. And for this purpose, it is important to give people, a strong foundation, that enables them to tap into this gold mine of data that is waiting to be utilized. For doing so, the best way to connect to people is through social media.

Initially started as a platform for entertainment, social networking sites today have become a great platform for sharing information and connecting to people.

Taking this opportunity, we started to reach out to people through blogs, infographic and other engaging mediums with an aim to create awareness.

We made efforts to demystify the vast concept of data monetization for the public and making it accessible to them.

That is how we took our first step towards making a platform that facilitates data monetization in practical and not just on paper. These developments were made for making foundation pillars of a bigger goal - An organization that will cater to people with complete transparency making sure that their data not only helps them earn but also contributes to a noble cause.

Stay Tuned…


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