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Nth Sense Ki Kahani: Episode 4

In the real world, we make decisions based on our cognitive capabilities. Our decision making is highly influenced by our senses and our preconceived notions. What are these preconceived notions? They are our beliefs that differentiate right from wrong and good from bad, they heavily rely on our upbringing and cultural influence. We also rely a lot on our past experiences.

To put it in a simple way we have a huge chunk of data and a set of rules, we base all our actions on. While performing a simple act of buying groceries we tend to be choosy and precise, with respect to the quality, the place we purchase it from and our previous experience regarding the same. In the physical world, our 5 senses help us gather the required information and react to it. But when this same task is to be performed in the digital world our senses don’t quite help us much.

This is because, in the digital world we see, hear and feel things that are planted for us. We are lured by experiences tailored for us. Moreover, we majorly have to rely on only 2 of our senses due to its intangible nature. Plus, most of the time we only rely on our sight. This heavily disarms us making the digital world more of an illusion, where we tend to believe what we see in plain sight. The actions happening behind the screens is way vast than we can think off and each of our digital actions have various implications.

Since the digital world is flashy and immensely convenient, we tent to use it carelessly. The virtual nature of this space ceases to give enough information to all our senses and thus we tent to ignore or cannot phantom the existence of any potential threat that might be lurking behind the flashy face.

Our so very reliable senses that always help us are not very efficient in this virtual world, and thus we need something equivalent that is a combination of our cognitive intelligence and decision-making capacity tailored for the virtual world.

That is where we step in. We want to empower you with the epitome of all senses the - “Nth Sense”.

A sense that will guide you through the virtual world of the healthcare industry. Nth sense will give you a voice to make your opinion heard. Nth Sense is Transparent so that you can see who you are actually dealing with. And the cherry on the cake is that Nth Sense will give you value in exchange of information, in short, it will help you earn. We are here to help you voice your opinion, help you share with only those you trust and plus get paid for sharing it. So that you are safe and can make the most of digital health.


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