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Patient feedback is another name to ‘insight to patient satisfaction’

‘If quality is to be at the heart of everything we do, it must be understood from the perspective of patients’

~ Lord Darzi, MD

Patient satisfaction is one of the strongest pillars for both sides of an apt healthcare arrangement- the provider & the seeker. A satisfied patient is an empowered individual who aids his own care & cure time; while doing so, he also aids the doctor to attain his ultimate goal of medical practice & also experience a positive word of mouth in the air around.

Having said & known that, how do you get to know if a patient is satisfied or not? What gives you the insight & on what scale do you measure this satisfaction? Well, out of many traditional & non-traditional ways, collecting feedback tops the list. Just ask them.

We know this is not easy as it sounds, especially in a busy schedule like yours; but you will find the best solution in this blog below; so keep reading.

More about patient feedback

To go by definition, patient feedback comprises the views & opinions of patients/ service users on the care they have experienced from the respective healthcare provider. It is the first step to accumulate, analyze & amend to improvise.

What are the best ways to gather patient feedback? Famous 4-

  1. Feedback Forms,

  2. Audits,

  3. Comments and

  4. Complaints.

Just like the reviews listed on e-commerce websites like Amazon or on ticket companies like BookMyShow, feedback from a patient is the real test of performance by the healthcare provider. It talks about the views and experiences of its users; but here in the case of healthcare, it plays a role more than mere ratings. Feedback is a way of asking patients in a rigorous yet systematic fashion about their opinions on the care and treatment received to measure the accuracy. Their sentiments through feedback might become your source to know the gaps in the existing patient engagement strategy that might have got missed somehow. It helps in many different yet specific ways, out of which 4 major ones are listed below.

4 foremost reasons why patient feedback is important for a healthcare professional

1. Improved practice

Feedback allows asking questions and listening to them enables you to understand whether your services are solving the problems of your patients/potential health seekers. This can eventually help to make efforts to exceed the patient expectation, thus improving your practice.

2. Better understanding with patients

Feedback creates a platform to communicate; if you don't ask, you won't know! Understanding the needs and analyzing if they are fulfilled is the utmost key practice to ensure a better patient experience. Feedback via solutions like patient surveys is the key to build the desired understanding with the patients.

3. A tool to measure patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction as discussed in the beginning is the determining factor of your medical practice’s profitability. Feedback is the strongest tool to back on to measure satisfaction. It not only reveals the satisfaction scale but also gives an insight into what is going right and what is not.

4. Aids in patient retention

Undeniably, a satisfied patient stays & the unhappy one finds a better alternative for himself. But if you know what your patient likes & doesn't like, you will be better equipped to retain them. Gathering feedback will help you know & do all of this. Plus acting upon the feedback tells your patients that you value them and thus, a positive word of mouth about your practice comes as a supplement.

USP of Feedback-

Feedback allows us to replace ‘the fear of illness’ with ‘trust in recovery’!

If you don’t know what you are doing right, you can’t do more of it. If you don’t know what you are doing wrong, you can’t do less of it. Thus, gathering feedback will give you the right hang of all of it.

Nth Sense focuses on feedback just as the spotlight on a stage

Now that you know the importance of feedback, you must be wondering how to bring it into your practice & how to manage all this in your already tied-up schedule, right?

Well, Nth Sense being one of the best & experienced patient engagement platforms banks on feedback & aims to better the healthcare experience with various other solutions.

Patient Feedback Forms at Nth Sense are the most effective ways to collect the feedback that empowers a provider and its brand in a myriad of ways. With this patient feedback, Nth Sense creates real-time analytics and provides you with medical intelligence/business intelligence. Therefore, it enables you to make not just vaguely spoken but data-driven decisions to take your medical practice to a next level.


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