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SEO for Dentists: Why is it important?

SEO = Visibility

‘’75% of your customers won't go further than the first page of google’’

If you are going to post content on your website anyway, you might as well take time to make sure google takes notice of your effort, right? Well let's understand what this means.

All about SEO

Simplifying it for you- SEO is an activity carried out to help your website rank where you are being searched, i.e SERPs (Google, Yahoo, Bing); the first page of course. Afterall, it is said that the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of google search, no one would know, right?

Having said that, it takes a lot to top the search engine rankings- Right from adding one analytical code to constantly updating the content based on keywords, and then keeping a track of the performance to amend accordingly.

Dental marketing today

The importance of dental marketing is accepted to an appreciable extent today. Websites are being designed; communication is being built to keep in contact with current patients and attract new ones. Some dentists have even adopted social media strategies to stay with trends.

However, all these creative dental marketing efforts will remain unseen if they lack search engine optimization and that's exactly our topic- SEO for dentists.

Gone are the times when people used to search in that yellow directory or even lane by lane at times for dentists! It is all online! ‘So whether you are a long standing practitioner or a newly entered professional, SEO is important for you.

More on SEO for Dentists

1. How does dental SEO work?

Well, literally, it works as a wonder. But coming to the point, it involves on-page, off-page, some technical tactics, all towards increasing a website’s quality as well as visibility in the relevant audience giving you relevant leads back.

2. Why does SEO for dentists matter?

Well, straightforward answer- to boost the website traffic, make it more relevant, bring in qualified leads, build greater credibility and authority, and, ultimately, attract more patients.

3. How does SEO help to stand strong in the competition?

Mind you, some of your competitors are already investing in dental SEO; meaning already benefiting with its perks, attracting local patients even before they get to know about your service! So, SEO can be your power tool to appear in front of the potential patients who are looking for you on the Internet as ‘best dentists near me.

Some Straight SEO facts

  • 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

  • Google (+ Google Images) currently holds 91.94% of the total search engine market share, followed by bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, and YANDEX.

  • 61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative.

Source here

Well, don't let the stats, dos and don'ts overwhelm you. Get in touch with experts at Nth Sense- doctors’ preferred patient engagement platform, plan your success and get started.

Closing Note-

You can't just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It is a forever moving goal post. Thus, you certainly need a hand that has all the skills when it comes to SEO for dentists.

Remember, a good SEO presence holds the potential to drive inbound traffic to grow your dental practice for upcoming years.

For those of you looking to get started with SEO, come explore our patient engagement solutions that exclusively include SEO for dentists and see exactly what we can do for you today. Stay up to date with the real time insights using digital healthcare solutions in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Experience the benefit & exposure that SEO brings in with Nth Sense.


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