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Social Media for Doctors - Overrated or Underused?

Read it somewhere,

If a person signed up on a social platform at the age of 16 and lived to 70, he/she would spend 5.7 years of life using social media.

2022 saw 4 billion+ people on social media making it more important than ever to understand the impact of every platform as the number continues to rise every year. Applies to a specific industry? No! Infact works in the specification for every industry! Talking about healthcare, social media holds the potential to do wonders for healthcare marketing.

Here are some statistics you cannot miss surrounding one of the fastest-adopted technologies in the last century- social media for doctors.

Starting with the list of some top social networks & their monthly active users (MAU) that will help you gaze at the online population-

  1. Facebook - 2.9 billion

  2. YouTube - 2.5 billion

  3. WhatsApp - 2 billion

  4. Instagram - 1.3 billion

  5. Facebook Messenger - 976 million

  6. Telegram - 700 million

  7. Twitter - 544 million

  8. Pinterest - 433 million

  9. Reddit - 430 million

  10. Quora - 300 million

Did you know?

The world spends more than 10 billion hours every day using social media.

In this blog, we’ll share about why social media for doctors isn’t overrated; infact underused!

Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination. Social networks have become an important health resource and not just for millennials. People of all ages are already looking up health information online; although researchers share that it often comes from unreliable sources. This itself creates a chance for healthcare professionals to disseminate accurate, thoughtful and helpful health information through social media. Studies show that patients really care about your web presence because they use online reviews as a key selection criterion when looking for a new doctor.

Social media provides Healthcare Professionals HCPs with tools to share information, debate healthcare policy and practice issues, promote health behaviours, engage with the public, and educate and interact with patients, caregivers, students, and colleagues.

Here is a list of a few top benefits that social media brings to a doctor -

1. Mode to raise awareness

Social media is the key to raising awareness; we all know the power of trends today.

Bringing awareness to health issues can be as simple as reminding followers about common sense health practices or as complex as giving seasonal or situational care.

Not only limited to this but hospitals are also notified immediately via Twitter and Facebook when a tragic incident occurs. This means that they are prepared for treatment in time.

2. Platform to listen

Social media is an open window to understand the needs and interests of patients and prospective ones too. To let your voice properly reach them, you need to first listen to them. Social media can prove to be the entry point to an active dialogue.

3. Strengthen reputation

Social media is a proactive means to build & manage a reputation. Afterall, people generally have little or no awareness of a practising physician, even for an experienced doctor unless they find them while searching - the ‘best doctor near me’.

4. Tool to Enhance Patient Experience

Thoughtful, timely interaction with patients, their family members & prospective patients can add up to patient experience and also reveal areas of service and patient satisfaction along with the need to amend. Celebrating your patients as heroes on social media can be an effective method to bring them joy and draw in similar individuals seeking care.

If you are already leveraging the benefits of social media, we’ll leave you with a handy list of ‘don’ts’ that you need to consider on social media.

Let’s Wrap Up

It is okay to say that using social media is not a waste of time; infact, not using it as one of the most prominent tools in healthcare marketing is a waste of a lot of effort! Don’t juggle anymore! What is keeping you from maintaining a social media presence to attract or retain patients?

Nth Sense has been that friend indeed when it comes to social media for doctors. Our experts make it easy for professionals like you to plan, create and execute a strategy in line with the trends and achieve the target- more visibility, more patients!

Want a guide for your healthcare marketing efforts in 2023?

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