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The Dental Station - An Advanced Dental Clinic, Ensuring Patient Safety from COVID-19

Ever since the onset of COVID-19, most patients suffering from dental ailments have been refraining from visiting their dentists. Of course, they are just being protective of their own health and that of their loved ones. However, these impending treatments can lead to increased severity of the issue, rendering the tooth in a position significantly worse than before.

In a bid to combat this situation, we at The Dental Station, have been encouraging patients for consultations over the phone. While many patients had their problems resolved successfully, others needed one-on-one consultation and/or hands-on treatment. For such patients, we have in place a well-defined set of protocols to ensure the complete safety of the patient, as well as our staff.

Your Safety – Our Priority

When you visit our clinic as a patient, we encourage you to fill a COVID Risk Assessment Form which helps us know and understand your current health. Based on that information, we decide whether you qualify for treatment at the clinic. You are then welcome to enter the clinic after sanitising your hands.

We start by recording your Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate using Pulse Oximeter, and your Temperature using a touchless Infrared Thermometer.

Next, we offer you a head cap and shoe cover, along with disposable gloves and gowns to warrant virtually no contact with any surface during your oral examination and treatment. Once you have donned the PPE, a 1-minute rinse with betadine followed by a 30-second gargle will ensure an appropriate oral environment for our doctor to proceed further. As you may have guessed by now, our doctor as well as their team will be wearing the required PPE kits.

For your safety, we only use instruments that have been thoroughly sterilised in our dedicated sterilisation room.

In case we need to write you a prescription and if and when any cash exchanges happen, our staff uses a handheld UV light to disinfect the file, papers and currency notes.

Our 3 high-end air purifiers and 3 large exhausts, one for each chair helps keep the area free of germs. We also make use of UVC Towers to disinfect the room after each procedure.

In an additional attempt towards complete hygiene, we make use of 3rd & 5th generation Quaternary Ammonium Compounds which is EPA registered, as well as approved by Centre for Disease Control (CDC) for thorough protection against COVID-19.

For further disinfection, we also fumigate the entire clinic, at the end of each day.

Needless to say, we are committed to offering you an environment where you feel completely safe, and at ease while undergoing your dental treatment. Our team at The Dental Station along with Dr. Suvidh Virmani always prioritise your safety, comfort, and peace of mind before everything else.

Now that you know there is a dental clinic on which you can completely rely on, don’t postpone your oral health anymore and, book an appointment and get yourself checked and treated at the earliest possible! Stay connected with the Nth Sense for more such interesting blogs and healthcare tips by doctors and healthcare experts.

Dr. Suvidh Virmani

BDS and Masters in Conservative dentistry and Endodontics

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