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This is How the Doctors at Nth Sense are Nailing the Patient Engagement Game

The digital revolution that took place more than a decade ago benefitted one and all. The communication and the engagement on the digital channels were harnessed by the professionals of all industries.

Healthcare however was not the forerunner in this as doctors & medical practitioners lacked the necessary approach and the resources.

The patients on the other hand preferred to have a face to face interaction by physically visiting the medical facility.

The traditional systems got a major diversion with the critical scenario of COVID coming into picture. In the initial time of the pandemic, a gap in communication between doctors and the patients was created.

Nth sense identified the problem and assisted the medical practitioners to leap frog into the digital industry by providing relevant, highly authentic and effective patient engagement solutions.

The digital mediums now are used to its optimum capacity to address the vital information and consulting by the doctors leading to a win-win situation between them and the patients.

Here are the top channels through which the doctors at Nth Sense are gaining grounds on patient engagement facilitating positive patient experience:

1. Expert Podcasts : Highly researched, customized as per the requirements of the current times & delivered by the top experts in the industry, Nth Sense affiliated online podcasts ensure that the information reaches to the right audience timely & consistently.

2. Patient Feedbacks: One to one online consultation is carried out for the first time at almost all the facilities (when physical visits can be avoided). Nth Sense Is helping patients & the doctors with patient experience through quality feedbacks thus creating trust amongst them.

3. Quality Information through Blogs: Blogs are famously known for its personal touch communication approach between the author and the reader. Doctors at Nth Sense are now diligently making use of this popular channel. The authentic, relevant and timely blogs open a communication channel and also helps its readers engage in the post-read activities such as comments or connecting through the online means to the doctors hence fueling higher connectivity.

4. Social Media: There is no doubt why this channel makes it into the doctors list for effective communication at scale. The quick tips through elegant creatives and copies, a short video to connect or just addressing the issue through text, Social media is harnessed like never before turning out to be the best amongst all of the platforms. With continuous visibility on the social media, the doctors are not just establishing the connect with their existing patients but the use of social media is also bringing in new patients leading to an increase in their trust networks.

5. Online Webinars : Webinars & Online Sessions are all over the place. With the exponential use of the medium to deliver the essential experience and the information, the audience today is more confused than ever. Nth Sense has played a crucial role in curating not just the relevant topics but also ensuring that the content of the topic stays true to the situation making it a highly authentic, timely & a quick source for consuming important health related content.

The recent months have shown that the success on online patient engagement can be achieved through consistent online efforts which needs investment of time and resources.

Team Nth Sense understands the challenges that medical practitioners go through and brings in the convenience of operations and execution at their finger-tips.

Partnering with Nth Sense has brought in quality patient experience and has proved to be a highly engaging doctor-patient association.

Nth sense envisions to become a catalyst in the field of positive patient experience through its various patient engagement solutions. Visit Nth Sense today to explore various expert topics pertaining to the current times and connect to us here to Become an Nth Sense Partner.


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