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Traditional to Digital, healthcare technology has reformed the industry for the better

The thing that is transforming is not the technology; it's the technology that is transforming you!

There's hardly any industry where the technology, the digital transformation has not yet penetrated. Talking here about the healthcare industry, a shift from offline patient queues to online laid-back care is evidently visible. A very common example to state here - the Queue Management Softwares like ‘Imprivata’, ‘Zenoti’, ‘Obix' Perinatal Data System’, etc. They have revamped the ‘take-a-ticket’ method to ‘get-it-on-a-click’ comfort.

Understanding traditional & digital healthcare as then & now

It is widely spoken that digital healthcare is a cultural transformation of traditional healthcare. Undeniably digitalization of health has brought about significant healthcare changes and is considered an all-problem solver for many health issues.

Access to good healthcare shouldnt depend on where you live.

Digital health has made a range of technologies from genome sequencing to smartphone connected ECG readily available!

To articulate it simply- It is a shift in care from the hospital to the clinic, from the clinic to the home & from home to a 24/7, driven by the mobile phone & all other smart gadgets as many as to name.

As a consequence, healthcare technology brings ubiquitous access to care.

4 weighty boons of the shift & digital healthcare-

  1. Gives the patient ability to own a proper record of their healthcare data, enabling them to become the agent of the change in quality care.

  2. Eliminates the access factor, as anyone from anywhere can get in touch with the concerned doctor or seek the required information online.

  3. Increase in awareness leading to informed individuals, sooner or later aiding in well-thought health decisions.

  4. It has let the patients get & stay involved in their treatment boosting their will power to heal with a significant speed.

With the advantages and the changing status quo, digital health leads to some ethical considerations; raising the importance of one such platform that acts as an arbitrator & keeps a connection between the doctors & the patients. In technical words this is called a health manager who ensures authenticity above all.

Nth Sense- A contributing participant in the transform of healthcare technology

With a vision of making the healthcare industry more patient-centric, Nth Sense an online patient engagement platform, takes all the efforts in-line. One of which is aiding the professionals effectively reach where they are most searched- digital (online platforms).

With a team of experts & a strategic approach Nth Sense tends to bridge the gap between the healthcare providers & the seekers. Thus, the healthcare technology & its transformation is what Nth Sense has witnessed & strives to make it easier for the healthcare industry.

You can get in touch with Nth Sense by dropping your doubts & details at-

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