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Why Engaging Patients in the Clinic is Important?

Building trust in patients has become a big challenge for healthcare professionals, particularly with an emerging number of healthcare facilities and cut-throat competition. Add to it the increasing distrust among patients and their relatives towards health care professionals due to commercialization in many multi-specialty healthcare establishments. Besides, the patient these days is well-read and has a fair idea of the ailments, treatment, and marketing strategies for the treatment.

Supporting healthcare service in India

We, at Nth Sense, therefore believe that healthcare providers must actively engage patients during their treatment at the hospital. Engaging patients in their health care empowers them to be part of the decision-making process in their treatment and can also build trust between them and the medical facility provider. This trusted relationship goes a long way in keeping patients loyal to the health care provider.

Engaging the patient during and after treatment improves his/her experience and ensures quality care. It also reduces the cost of treatment as the patient is informed about the process and follows the instructions for his/her benefit. This reduces the need for consistent follow-ups with the hospital post-discharge and thus reduces the cost of treatment.

By getting the patients engaged in their health care, we help healthcare providers, doctors/clinics ensure quality care and cost-effective treatment. Thus, enhancing patient outcomes. We understand that since the patient has invested in health care policy, he/she expects the best value for the investment. At the same time, there is pressure on health care establishments to retain their reputation and be comfortably afloat in the health market. Hence, the need for patient engagement becomes all the more important for both the service provider and the receiver.

For the hospital or health care establishment, this holistic approach not only gives the satisfaction of rendering a positive experience to the patient and relatives but also improves their reputation in the health market and consequently increases the revenue.

Transparency is the key element in providing good health care and retaining patients. Quality improvement in the treatment of patients has assumed great importance in health care establishments in the past two decades or so. They are not only improvising ways and means to satisfy the patient through engagement and quality treatment but are also trying to wipe away any commercial tag that has become taboo for health care establishments.

When the patient is involved in his/her own treatment, there is a positive impact on health outcomes. Realizing this, we have designed several ways in which it becomes easier to communicate with the patient and to provide a sense of security for them.

These patient engagement solutions include:

  • In-clinic engagement

  • Digital engagement

  • Feedback Survey

  • Analyzed Reports

We encourage health care establishments to develop an engagement program with the patient and his/her relatives from the beginning to nurture trust and long-term loyalty in the patient.

We also help the healthcare providers scrutinize their patient’s feedback on the service provided by them to help the healthcare providers improve their services and earn patient loyalty.

If you are a doctor/clinic or healthcare professional who wishes to improves their services and enable a better healthcare environment that is more patient-centric and inclusive. Then connect with the Nth Sense and avail access to the robust patient engagement solutions.


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