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5 Kids LunchBox Ideas; Easy to make, Fun to Eat

Itne samay baad tum school jaaoge,

Me har pal tumhara khayal nai rakh paungi

Par tumhe strong jarur banaungi

Recalled this visual?

Yes you got that right!


Sirf maa hi immunity ki ahmiyat janti hai!

Well, your children are returning to school, but so might infections. Build their immunity every day, with all immunity nutrients. Feed them what they need along with what they want- Nutrition and Taste.

However, keeping meals exciting as well as nutritious for kids can often be a challenge, right? Prepping & packing for school lunchtime/snack time can make it even harder. But don't worry, finding meal inspiration is just a read away!

Here is a readymade 5 days-week meal plan for you.

5 Lunch box combinations to sort your Monday to Friday

1. Sprouts Chat - the super saviour

A protein-packed, super easy and healthy recipe. Here is how to make a sprout chat-

  1. Take any sprouts

  2. Chop and add onion, cucumber, tomato

  3. Sprinkle some spices and give it a nice toss

  4. Squeeze some lemon and garnish with sev

This tiffin is surely a solution to all those tantrums, share in comments if you agree.

Tip- It can be made more interesting by adding peanuts & chana to it.

What to add on?

A small drink of shikanji, kids love surprises in tiffins.

2. Frankie urf Paratha- the old school saga

It's a good old roti and sabji, but with a twist! Here is how to make-

  1. Take a paratha and add a sauce spread to it.

  2. Top it with any sabzi say aloo mattar

  3. Throw some chopped onion, peppers, tomato and cucumber

  4. Garnish with some shredded cheese and roll it up!


Tip- Make a roll with jaggery and ghee. Cut it into bite size swirls and arrange them randomly so that each bite is a new flavour!

What to Add on?

Some boondi raita to complete the meal and beat the heat.

3. Paneer Sandwich- the most preferred

Yumilicious yet nutritious treat. Here is how to make it-

  • Mix grated paneer with onions, peppers, cheese, mayo, oregano, chilli flakes and salt.

  • Add it to a buttered multigrain bread and toast it.

  • Cut it into bite size pieces and add a pack of sauce on the side.

Add On- For some crunch add a few cherry tomatoes and a small piece of dark chocolate as a sweet treat.

4. Pinwheels urf Moong Dal Chilla - the instant magic

To have a green tiffin day, chilla is the best way. Here is how to make pinwheels-

  • Take your preferred flour.

  • Make a regular chilla of it or you can add some veggies on the top to make it more interesting.

  • Layer it up and add sauce

  • Compliment it with some homemade mint or coriander chutney.

  • Roll it tight and cut into bite size pieces.

  • Grate some cheese to give it a pizza-like feel

Tip- To make it look like pinwheels add them to a toothpick and top it with a cherry tomato. Pour some raita along to beat the heat!

What to add on?

Pair it with dates as a sweet treat to keep the little one energised!

5. Banana pancakes- a dish in single take

Any flour out of corn, rajgira, jaggery can make for the healthiest pancake.

Here is how to make it-

  • Take the flour of your choice

  • Add a spoon of curd (egg for non-vegetarians)

Substitute the sugar with a banana

  • Lightly butter them

  • Mix some berry toppings/syrup

Tip - shape the pancakes in different shapes and for some crunch add a few walnuts.

What to Add On?

Honey dip, a bunch of few berries and that's it!

Closing thoughts

Well, each of these 5 lunchbox ideas are crafted keeping in mind the balance of all the macros and micros.

So hey mommies! Stay rest assured and let your kids enjoy their tasty snacks.

Kids have a choosy eaters palette, get in touch to create a customised healthy and yummy plan for your kid.

Nutrigenomics Counselor,

Sports nutritionist and Postgraduate in Food Science and Dietetics.


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