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Know your DNA better to lose weight effectively

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‘Weight loss can be a tiring affair. Not if you know your DNA well!’

As time changes, we change. For instance, in the past years, we have all changed the gadgets we use, the food we eat, the way we travel, even the films we watch. But have you considered changing the ways of losing weight? Well, I am not talking about adopting trendy exercises or diets. After all, good health needs no fashion but a sustainable solution.

If you have tried every other way to lose your extra weight but still haven’t got those desired results, there must be some hidden reason, right? Well, this blog is here that says ‘khul ja sim sim’ to this secret.

Oh, wait! This secret is actually inside you. Yes! It is all in your DNA! Keep reading to know how and why?

As the saying goes, ‘There Is No One Size Fits All’, so does here. As every individual is different, so is his/her DNA. Thus, knowing what your DNA demands is of utmost importance. Listen to what your DNA is telling you and decide on your habits accordingly.

Wondering about the relationship between DNA, diet, exercise, and weight loss? Nutrigenomics is the answer!

Nutrigenomics is an effective medium to find out the right requirements of your body based on your DNA to decide on a suitable diet. Your DNA knows things that are best for you. Thus, this can help you lose weight even more effectively.

Read more about what nutrigenomics is in my previous blog. Here are 7 elements that nutrigenomics have solutions to,

1. Type of exercise

High-intensity workout, or cardio, or weight training, which is your take? Don't fall for the easy one or the wrong one, because every body reacts differently to every type. Choose what's your type based on your DNA.

2. The time of exercise

Have you been exercising in the mornings for some time now but not seeing any substantial results in losing weight? That’s because maybe morning isn’t the right time to exercise according to your genes.

Your DNA has its own alarm clock that is set for you to exercise. But how do you unlock this time? By considering nutrigenomics. It actually tells one’s active metabolism time which can be helpful in choosing an appropriate exercise time for best results.

3. The diet type

Confused between ketogenic, low carbohydrate, high protein, vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free diet? Well, ask your DNA. With rising options in the types of diet, it becomes important to choose what is best for you, not what is trending.

Metabolism rate determines weight gain or the loss that happens in your body. Nutrigenomics can help you choose the diet that perfectly suits your metabolism. Know your genes better!

Remember- Eating right rather than eating less is best!

4. Response to fibers & carbohydrate metabolism

Genetics can tell your exact response rate to fibres and thus give you insights to how your body accepts carbohydrates. This means, not every body needs a low-carb diet! Know your carbohydrate response in association with fat loss and exercise using nutrigenomics.

5. Protein Metabolism

Did you know? Having too much high-protein diet can cause inflammation and inflammation is the major reason for not losing weight! But wait, knowing your DNA will tell you about your protein metabolism and then you can simply control your inflammation rate and then manage your weight. Follow this simple chain!

6. Fat metabolism

Are you taking any fat burners or pills to lose weight? Don't you want to know what fat type you should be taking? Your DNA can help you know the exact metabolism ratio of unsaturated & saturated fat. With this you can choose the right quality and quantity of fats to stay fit and not gain extra.

7. Sugar Intake

Sugar is the primary element that is blamed for one’s weight gain. But different bodies react to sugar differently. It all depends upon the metabolism. If it says your sugar sensitivity is good, you can have those kept away brownies. But for that you first need to know your metabolism state. Nutrigenomics can tell exactly what your genes want.

So many questions, only one place to find the answers- DNA & nutrigenomics!

Ever thought your DNA could help you lose weight? Now that you know the effect of your diet on DNA and further on your body, just like ‘food for thought’, you surely need to think about the ‘food for your genes’.

Ankita Vaidya, a Nutrigenomics counsellor, sports nutritionist and a postgraduate in food science and dietetics, can help you know what your genes are trying to tell you. Go listen to them. Get in touch with her & take care of your health.

Nutrigenomics counsellor, sports nutritionist and

Postgraduate in Food Science and Dietetics.

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