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Aid the Treatment of Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, and Uterine Fibroids Through Yoga Asanas!

Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, and Uterine Fibroids are all medical conditions that have an adverse impact on the uterus of a female in her childbearing years. While Endometriosis is characterised by the migration of endometrial cells from the uterine lining to other regions of the pelvis, Adenomyosis causes the endometrial tissue to grow into the uterine wall. Uterine Fibroids on the other hand are non-cancerous growths in the uterus. All of these conditions may result in heavy menstrual bleeding, severe cramping, pain and discomfort in the pelvic region amongst other pertinent issues.

Unfortunately, these conditions hamper the day-to-day functioning of life, and can even create an extreme level of physical and mental strain. While there are little to no sure-fire remedies for these problems, Yoga has been able to offer some much-needed relief. After all, if the excruciating pain and menstrual cramps can be reduced even to some extent by practicing a set of asanas, then that’s a bet very woman suffering from these disconcerting illnesses would like to make.

If you too are seeking some respite from these issues, you may try this impeccable set of Yoga Asanas. For what it’s worth, this set of Asanas will not only help ease your physical strain, but also help relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with these Feminine Problems.

It goes without saying, before practicing with these Yoga Postures, do consult a certified Yoga Instructor or your Doctor.



  • Strengthens The Abdominal Organs

  • Relieves Backaches

  • Increases Flexibility

  • Helps Avert Constipation

  • Alleviates Bloating

  • Aids in Management of Endometriosis

  • Keeps Pelvic And Hip Joints Healthy

Contraindications and Cautions

Not recommended for females with Injuries in the lower back or knee.



  • Helps Stretch the Legs

  • Stimulates the Abdominal Organs

  • Strengthens the Spine

  • Calms the Brain

Contraindications and Cautions

For women suffering from lower-back injury, it is recommended to sit up high on a folded blanket and practice the pose, while keeping the torso relatively upright.



  • Boosts the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Stretches the shoulders and the hips

  • Improves blood

  • Enhances the functioning of the spleen, liver, kidneys, digestive system, and the excretory system

  • Activates joints of hips, knees, ankles and the wrist

  • Relieves neck pain, sciatica, and lower back pain

  • Helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Strengthens the lower back

  • Massages the abdominal organs

  • Enhances Muscle Strength

  • Improves digestion

Contraindications and Cautions

This asana is not recommended for -

  • People who suffering from diarrhoea or loose motions.

  • People experiencing migraine, insomnia or low blood pressure

  • During Mensuration

  • People with knee, hip, or spinal issues.   



  • Strengthens back and abdominal muscles

  • Tones leg and arm muscles

  • Aids in the treatment of hernia

  • Stimulates the thyroid gland, intestines, and kidneys.

Contraindications and Cautions

This asana is not recommended for -

  • People with low blood pressure, severe headache, migraine,

  • People suffering from some chronic diseases or spinal disorders

  • People suffering from asthma and heart ailments

  • Pregnant Women

  • During Mensuration



  • Enhances the flow of blood to the pelvic region

  • Helps overcome ovarian problems

  • Alleviates depression

  • Boosts fertility

  • Enhances the chances of conception

Contraindications and Cautions

This asana is not recommended for -

  • People with high blood pressure

  • People suffering from Glaucoma or other Eye Problems

  • Pregnant Women

  • During Mensuration

6. Matsyasana


  • Stretches the chest and neck

  • Helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders

  • Provides relief from respiratory disorders

  • Tones the parathyroid, pituitary and pineal glands

Contraindications and Cautions

This asana is not recommended for -

  • People with high blood pressure

  • Migraine and Insomnia patients

  • People with severe lower-back or neck injuries



  • Reducing the risk of maternal depression and anxiety in pregnant women

  • Helps relieve pre-menstrual symptoms

  • Helps treat respiratory disorders such as Asthma, bronchitis, etc.

  • Balances out the 3 Doshas of the body

  • Improves lung capacity

  • Boosts weight loss

  • Streamlines body metabolism

  • Helps keep diabetes under control

  • Relieves fever, eye concerns, and ear issues

Contraindications and Cautions

People with HBP, cardiac issues and Pregnant women DO NOT hold your breath and practice under supervision till they are confident of practicing by self.

This set of Yoga Asanas will help you find respite from your menstrual troubles and will alleviate the symptoms of Endometriosis, Adenomyosis as well as Uterine Fibroids. Of course, once you are done with the set, make sure to practice Shavasana (sleeping asana), preferably followed by a 10-minute meditation. Shavasana helps you appreciate each part of your body while helping you re-energise after a workout, and is therefore extremely important!

Anjali Seernani, the Founder of Aum Shanti Yoga is a renowned Yoga Instructor from Mumbai. She specialises in crafting unique sets of asanas for women, especially suffering from various menstrual issues. Do check out our blog where she talks about a set of asanas which are recommended for maintaining an optimal level of health in females.

If you want to know more about Yoga and the role it can play in treating your illnesses, stay tuned with Nth Sense!

Anjali Seernani

Owner and Certified Yoga instructor at Aum Shanti Yoga


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