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Boosting Patient Engagement for Practicing Dermatologists

Healthy skin is always in.

Consciousness around skin and its care keeps growing with time. Social media platforms are witnessing a flood of content around ‘skin care routines’ and ‘tips for healthy skin at home’.

But the real concern is about its authenticity as, not all of them are from the professionals. It is either via influencer or experienced individual, but not the experts!

As skincare becomes a subjective matter, to rely on the information online, it needs to be highly authentic. Different skin types need different treatment and care. And who else than a dermatologist can suffice this need?

Shifting Dynamics of Healthcare

Gone are the times when patients used to simply follow a prescribed treatment. Today, they are more on the finding side and believe in researching on the subject of their concern by all means possible. They endeavor to become partners in their own care. Web has facilitated new avenues for the outreach amongst the patients & doctors, radically changing their way of interaction.

To add to this, COVID-19 pandemic with its lockdown period has given people plenty of time to know their skin better. This has resulted in a great demand for resources that help them to take charge of their health. There are influencers and bloggers promoting the beauty products even more now, without even realizing that every skin type is different and only a dermatologist can identify this need. This demands a communication of the users with the professional who is no other than a dermatologist.

In such scenarios, engagement becomes a master-key to enhance a patient’s well-being. Nth Sense provides the required patient engagement solutions towards this and helps you to let your patients play a greater role in their wellness. This not only helps you retain your patients but also better the healthcare system as a whole.

Why is communication so important?

When it comes to skin and its care, there arise a lot many queries which demand an authentic solver. Listing below a few of such topics which can be resolved via easy and genuine communication -

  • Effects of climate change on different skin types and cures for them.

  • Consequences of most troubled hormonal changes.

  • Use of harmful cosmetics and the importance of avoiding them.

  • Obsession with fair skin amongst the millennials giving rise to skin anxieties.

  • Reviewing the many available plant based beauty products which have recently flooded the market.

  • Not only for adults but to tackle the numerous questions around child skincare which is actually surging in the parents these days.

Patient Engagement Facilitates: -

  • Increase in reach of the health practitioner.

  • Gives the practitioner a competitive advantage.

  • Ensures quality care, subsiding the ignorance formed due to various reasons.

  • Empowers patients to decide on better and healthy lifestyle choices, supporting the real intention of a healthcare provider.

  • Gratifies doctor-patient relationships.

  • Enhances positive patient experience.

  • Increased communication gives patients access to correct information building trust.

How Nth Sense Works for Dermatologists

There are numerous dermatologists out there in the arcade. But for patients to choose you as their dermat, you need to create a differentiating point.

Patient engagement is the best tool to do so. Look at the mentioned below solutions at Nth Sense

  • Blogs that attract potential patients and share information about your practice

  • Social media presence allowing you to connect with the patients creatively

  • Webinars that facilitate detailed learning for the consumers

  • Podcasts with professionals ensuring the trend is followed

  • Feedback forms from patients to evaluate the treatment provided

  • Analyzed patient reports to track their behavior

  • Inclinic solutions that make your clinic ambience more engaging for the patients visiting

To know about these solutions in detail, read our blog - This is how Doctors at Nth Sense Are Nailing the Patient Engagement Game

To sum it up

Just because a patient initially chooses your practice, does not mean he will continue to do that. In order to make it possible you need to keep him attracted and engaged with you. That is engagement and retention which Nth Sense aims for, for its partners. The spread of positive word of mouth is a bonus out of patient engagement.

Nth Sense makes every effort to create a win-win situation for both the patient and the doctor. Get yourself associated with us and increase your reach among patients, both digitally and physically.


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