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Dental marketing strategies to win more patients

We have left the world long behind where a couple of ads in phone books would bring new patients. Although word-of-mouth marketing is still a front-runner, today it needs a lot more backing from additional marketing channels to grow than before. The dynamics of healthcare marketing are changing. Talking about dentistry, dental marketing has joined this transforming phase too.

There was a time when dentists didn’t really need to do a lot of marketing, yet long gone. Thus, dentists need to up their game. But the question is how to participate and win.

Here are a few dental marketing strategies that any dentist can implement straight away-

1. Establish your brand

What feelings do you want your patients to associate with you? That will be your brand! Remember, your brand should convey a ‘feeling’ about your practice. For eg. in hospitality, properties by Taj are known for hospitality and comfort. That's the feeling, that's the brand.

For you as a dentist, to build and maintain your brand, online patient engagement as well as in-clinic patient engagement matters equally.

2. Tap on your target, only

If you cater to a specific demographic, you need to pinpoint the potential patients accordingly. For eg. if you are an orthodontic specialist, don’t put your efforts to target general patients. And then….

3. Keep your communication crisp and clear

Patients of today’s age have no patience. Make sure your offerings are pretty clear in the first impression. If they found even the slightest of extra work to figure out themselves, they won’t! Don't be clever but confusing, be clear and catchy.

Pro tip- Avoid those scary gross visuals of dental treatments or conditions. Because dentophobia is for real and might backfire!

4. Bank on blogs

Blogs Enhance Your EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness)

You should know, marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts. Plus, it presents a scope to share detailed information about a particular topic, say Teeth Facts. Moreover, it is good for the most crucial aspect of any digital marketing -SEO.

5. Build a medical website

Infact, not just build, optimise it! For an authentic online presence, a doctor website is a must! You should know 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and only 8.5% of people scroll past the first page of results.

And above all, 7% of all daily google searches are health related. So SEO for dentists is crucial.

6. Appear in front

Show your pearly whites. People don't want any stranger poking around in their mouth. Any type of content you put out try including your name, photo, your team’s picture. This will help the potential patient to become familiar with establishing a sense of trust and comfort.

Pro tip- To your website add a special segment of you and your team with all your specifications with some valuable information.

7. Surround around social media

Have a strong, consistent, creative and at the same time relevant presence. You should know social media users (nearly 4 billion), use at least one social media platform to access health-related information.

8. Pamper patient feedback primitive to review

Although the word of mouth on an individual level might have decreased, online review magnifies the scenario. To have a positive review, a positive patient experience is basic. And that can be achieved if you keep taking timely feedback.

So maintain this cycle.

Well, if you start to implement even just a few of these 8 tips, you should see a significant rise in the results of your dental marketing efforts.

To lend you a helping hand

Nth Sense apprehends that a dentist breathes in a tightly packed schedule. So if you think you need a partner to do this work for you, you know whom to connect to!

Get a free 30-min consultation to know how to grow your practice with industry-fit dental marketing strategies that Nth Sense offers.


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