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Healthcare analytics: The Basic

‘’The future of connected health will rest more heavily in the

area of analytics and data.’’

The COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying challenges have hastened up the need for adoption of innovation in even the most conservative industries; Healthcare being no exception. Introduction of new technologies, change in operating ways, openness to newness, everything is pre-eminent. Even so, the impact of the digital wave is still to an extent difficult to manage. Especially the ‘data’ side when we consider healthcare analytics. Before it becomes an obstacle to a true digital transformation of medicine, let us understand its basics.

‘’Data is the tool to enhance the intuition’’

What Does Analytics Mean in Healthcare?

Health data analytics refers to the analysis of the data using quantitative and qualitative techniques to be able to explore trends and patterns in the data. All of this is done to “acquire, manage, analyze, interpret and transform data to get indicators which support and enhance our intuition

Why is the need for Healthcare analytics rising?

Needless to mention, the healthcare industry needs to optimise its resources in order to improve efficiency in its operations. When the quality of services is enhanced, it ultimately heads towards positive patient experience. Thus, the demand for clinical data and research performed by healthcare analytics can be seen growing steadily.

How does Healthcare analytics help?

Simply, the patterns unveiled by healthcare data analytics help identify trends, optimse accordingly, and derive conclusions to a better care plan .

When it comes to diagnostics and treatment, they help in creating indicators that support and enhance a healthcare provider's analysis of a patient's health condition. To summarise, it brings in more efficiency in the overall administration of a clinic.

Future of Healthcare analytics

The global pandemic has shed the desired light on ‘data analysis’ and its application for health decision-making. As there was no prior knowledge about this new COVID-19 virus, it demanded collection of more data and its analysis to understand its behaviour pattern, only then we could surpass it and walk a step ahead. On the other hand, the continuously developing data around the positive and negative effects of the vaccines also helped the HCPs to analyse the vaccines better. Overall, it is the healthcare research and analytics that provided the world with vaccine efficacy in a situation where even deciding upon which vaccines should be dispensed to which age group was critical.

Considering its benefits plus the need, more healthcare providers will eventually become data-driven over the next few years.

Having said that, it won't be an easy task. Several vigorous steps are inevitable to leverage the power of healthcare analytics and facilitate the patient engagement rate in the industry. However, this race of transformation will need assistance from an expert.

Of course any and all healthcare providers can participate in this race only to win!

Offerings at Nth Sense

In addition to a regular customsied patient engagement solutions plan, Nth Sense provides healthcare analytics as well. Here is a brief look into what all we offer and why it is important -

1) Website traffic Analytics -

Thumb Rule: Just creating a website is not even a half the job done if it is not created using data and analytics.

2) Feedback Analytics -

Asking patients for their feedback is a great gesture, however, not analyzing it to make the right upgrades to your practice is disrespecting a patient's valuable time.

3) Social Media/Content Analytics

Trends is the new avenue for healthcare marketing. Leveraging its power

through analytics adds to the results and enables to construct a brand image with

unique content.

4) Youtube Analytics -

Youtube is an amazing platform, not just to spread information in an easier form and build your personal brand but also to use it as an additional revenue stream.

5) Business Intelligence/Competitor Analytics -

Copying what your competitor or industry is doing may not be the right thing always but keeping an eye on it, surely is.

Winding up-

Data is the new science. But don’t get overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be done, that’s our job! With all these healthcare analytics services, let us make sure you capture the right opportunities.

To understand more about how healthcare analytics will help your practice in specific, book a free consultation with us. Let us create a customised plan for you.


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