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Healthcare Marketing - Why people get it wrong!

Healthcare industry is increasingly turning towards digital healthcare solutions.

Content is being curated to power healthcare marketing initiatives across websites, blogs, social media, video, and beyond. However, it is not just another marketing; it is a unique niche where patient privacy and regulatory considerations influence the marketing efforts.

While struggling with these norms, for example, HIPAA Compliance (healthcare practitioners in the US could relate), most HCPs find it difficult to keep pace with the latest healthcare marketing trends. And to add to that, healthcare marketers are daunted with having to work harder than before to establish trust among its patients and consumers.

Afterall, in the healthcare industry, the trust gives a “placebo effect”.

But if you find a partner somebody like Nth Sense, one of the most trusted patient engagement engagement solutions providers, you can leverage our market-fit strategies to set your healthcare marketing all right!

Having said that, here are some unknowingly made mistakes by several healthcare practitioners observed, which might compel you to consider a healthcare marketer as a friend in need.

1. Not knowing the “who”, “where”, and “why”.

Today, it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic. So even if you target a vague audience looking for teeth treatments, but you are an orthodontist, your efforts might go waste as there will be a mix of patients. At the same time being clear in your communication of what your services are is equally important for the patients to not get confused and decide quickly.

2. Assuming one size fits all

Tactics used in one industry cannot be used in another for the same results.

Healthcare marketing is altogether a different ball game because it must communicate with a consumer who is not just any other user but above all, a patient (a person, by the way, who is experiencing a moment of uncertainty or suffering). In Fact it has to be hyper personalised based upon the geography and your specialisation. If you are not familiar with healthcare marketing, you can hire the best digital healthcare solutions providers like Nth Sense that help you to build a strong digital presence and get you more patients.

3. Considering it same as ‘selling a product’

Well, healthcare is not a product that relies only on marketing; In fact, it inclines more towards empathy and emotional quotient!’ As you are selling the best treatment or best solution to the health problem, you need to sell hope and trust to gain patients’ confidence.

4. Choosing sympathy over empathy

Sympathy doesn’t help you build deep connections with patients; empathy lets you walk in someone else’s shoes. As a result, you can better provide what they really need. Because if you hard sell anything, patients might sense it wrong and go negative for you.

Takeaway the top 3 benefits of right healthcare marketing ways in your practice-

  1. Increases visibility

  2. Builds strong reputation

  3. Enables to reach and educate new and existing patients

To conclude

You may be confused, what healthcare marketing strategy should be used or what not to be used, right? Well, Healthcare Marketing is a challenge that requires marketers to adapt to changing times and regulations. It also requires a different & empathetic approach to connect with consumers than other marketing. But you need not do all of this. Afterall, your job is to deliver care, the noblest. Get the marketing done by the expert.

We comprehend every healthcare professional’s busy & all-packed schedule and to be that ‘friend in need’, we offer an array of digital healthcare solutions with which you can enhance your practice and increase patient footfall.

Book a free 30-mins consultation with us to know how this works and get a customised plan.


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