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Potential of Youtube in Healthcare Marketing

‘YouTube is the future of Infotainment’

People have been spending a lot of time talking about marketing via social media for doctors using various platforms. But not enough attention is given to the potential for obtaining new patients from YouTube marketing. While YouTube doesn’t get the praise it deserves, we at Nth Sense thought it is time to offer up some juicy numbers, benefits and essentials of YouTube marketing for healthcare professionals.

Importance of video content is increasingly becoming evident as more

and more businesses are seen considering video for marketing; healthcare marketing being no exception! Created in 2005 by three former Paypal employees, YouTube has grown exponentially over the years. In fact, it receives more searches per month than the likes of Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and combined.

Let the numbers speak

  • Visitors spend an average of 19 minutes a day on YouTube

  • In total, the site gets 14.3 billion visits (1.7 billion unique) per month: that’s more than Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon and Instagram. Pop-u-lar!

  • YouTube Shorts receive 15 billion daily views

  • 62 percent of global consumers say they use YouTube

  • YouTube is not only available but also localised in over 100 countries

Statistically speaking, if you pull nothing else from this article remember this: It is the second-most popular search engine right after Google. Clearly an enough incentive to jump on the bandwagon right this very second.

How To Use YouTube for Healthcare Marketing?

1. Explainer Videos

Mind you, not lengthy ones! For eg. The topic is Yoga for Adenomyosis; the format of the video can be ‘one yogasana-one video’ which explains one asana at a time. Short, quick and easy to understand videos are more likely to be consumed.

2. Health Talks

Conversational/ interview type videos hook the audience more as it contains people in actual and not some animated or fictional characters. It helps build a sense of trust and makes video more understandable. We have recently uploaded a health talk on

Pre Wedding Fitness with Nutritionist Ankita Vaidya and our Co-founder Mr. Yash Bharwani. You may have a look to understand more on what this video format looks like.

3. SEO Friendly

It goes without saying that no matter how many videos you post or at what timing, all elements of search engine optimization must be thoroughly implemented. Make sure the video title includes targeted keywords, ideal description and optimum tags. Website address if available can be added as well.

Takeaway some best-practices to consider while YouTube Marketing -

  • Be consistent with content sharing

  • Highlight the benefits of your practice every now and then

  • You may use subtitles for international audiences or those without hearing aids

  • Add annotations, timestamps and other aspects of convenience for your viewers

Use keywords in the video tags to maximise the visibility; well that comes under SEO practice and Nth Sense also offers SEO for doctors as an extensive digital healthcare solution.


We’re hoping that this blog has helped explain why your practice should be investing in YouTube and how you can make sure you’re making use of the resources wisely to boost your healthcare marketing strategies.

Well, we understand learning & bringing YouTube marketing into practice can be a daunting task, especially in the over-busy hours a doctor possesses! To help ease this situation and help doctors focus on their actual act, Nth Sense offers end-to-end assistance with YouTube to achieve your healthcare marketing goals.

Contact us for more information about what we can do for you. Book a 30-min free consultation & get started with a guide today!


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