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HIPAA Compliant Doctor Website : Analyse patient data without compromise

‘’Confidentiality is the essence of being trusted’’

Understanding what HIPAA means to a doctor website

HIPAA- The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

It is a federal law in the US that requires the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed. It was passed in 1996 with an intent to make health care delivery more efficient and to increase the number of Americans with health insurance coverage. Every medical practice, clinic, pharmacy, nursing home, and healthcare provider must adhere to HIPAA rules  when they have an online presence that transfers medical information. Failure to do so might lead to substantial fines from the government, desired by none!

Healthcare is one of the most advanced industries today. So much so that even if you are not a healthcare professional, you still have career opportunities in this sector. DATA is the area in which healthcare is expanding. However, patient data is an extensive topic that we will discuss in our future blogs. Before that let us understand the most crucial law in the periphery of patient data- HIPAA!

What is HIPAA compliance? Its correlation with a doctor website and how digital healthcare solution providers like Nth Sense can help you sail through this.

First things first, what is patient data?

Technically, it is the information collected from the patient during treatment or observed and recorded by the providing medical professional through whichever means of care. Then this data is segregated and stored; later utilised to make a diagnosis, informing patients about long-term care, and tracking trends following the patient’s health.

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Talking about healthcare marketing, where a doctor website becomes the bare minimum asset to possess, the importance of health data’s privacy is another serious aspect of consideration. Which is why compliances like HIPAA are mandatory.

Well, Nth Sense offers an ideal HIPAA Compliant doctor website so that you need not worry about the legalities & deliver seamless care. Here is a quick look into its features-

  • All the form fields while collecting the patient demographic data are encrypted to comply with HIPAA.

  • Even a mandatory HIPAA authorization form takes place through adhering to the HIPAA rules.

  • In cases where another specialty of the Doctor needs a particular patient's data, the data can be transferred smoothly after the consent of the patient and again in compliance with HIPAA.

  • Clinic specific email support is also provided keeping the communication as required. It ensures that personal health data isn't available on any centralized mail servers.

One of Our Happy HIPAA Compliant Websites - New Medical Center (NMC), Tifton.

Imagine how tedious a process would be which demands 5 times more effort manually, even in the presence of technological support! NMC had one such crucial yet taxing procedure wherein a patient had to fill a bunch of papers in order to complete the form; a form with a number of fields & generic but complicated questions. Later this data was being added to the system manually, one by one, page after page. However, NMC sensed the struggle here and reached out to us for our digital healthcare solutions.

Nth Sense helped NMC to go paperless, developed an ideal medical website which has sorted forms and custom fields to enter, all HIPAA compliant.

Want to discover your HIPAA solution?

We offer a 30-mins free consultation where our experts go through your practice needs and help you with the best. Feel free to connect.

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