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Virtual Medical Assistance- The Evolution

‘’Digital transformation provides the perfect storm for set-ups capable of developing scalable care that improve treatment accuracy, availability, and affordability’’.

As we see, the medical industry is changing and evolving more rapidly than before. As a physician, one needs to find and walk all those miles to stay up with the trends and updated with the needs. One such new-age demand is virtuality. Especially after encountering a pandemic like COVID-19, the healthcare industry as well as society as a whole has transformed and accepted virtual reality as the new normal. Let us understand the concept of virtuality in healthcare.

Virtual Medical Assistance is changing the way healthcare is served and accessed and is also revolutionizing the way doctors engage with their patients.

What in reality is Virtual Medical Assistance?

‘’Force multiplier of a powerful and effective communication, enhanced awareness of the disease, and of potential interventions’’.

It is someone or something who/which is present in the conversation of a patient and his/her doctor, not in person but through an electronic device via voice or video call per se. In other words, a virtual medical assistant is an administrator who performs their medical duties remotely instead of being present in your office.

Medical assistants are the people responsible to create and maintain all patient details in a proper and safe manner. Their role is also to provide a positive experience to the patient through timely assistance.

Did you know?

The Worldwide Healthcare Virtual Assistants Industry is Expected to Reach $6 Billion by 2026

What is the need for a Medical Assistant?

Smooth Operations | Surface Assistance | Enhanced Outcomes

Here are a few reasons out of a list of numerous reasons why medical assistants are a need of today’s time.

  • Helps doctors focus more on hearing out the patient rather than spending time in documentation, filing insurance claims and other computing tasks.

  • Enables healthcare professionals see more patients without compromising on building doctor-patient relationships

  • More the patients, the larger the revenue and faster the speed in growth of the practice.

  • Even a single minute can save the patient’s life provided consulted in time. But being occupied in the technical and documentation tasks isn’t a good use of his talent/expertise and time.

  • Insurance filing processes have become very complex, especially in the United States of America (USA). Moreover, the new age high tech software and apps are superb in engaging with patients and providing pre and post treatment care. However, handling them requires a lot of learning curve. Leaving these tasks for the expert (medical assistant) can be the best bet.

Clear difference between virtual v/s in-person medical assistant

Hardly any strangers around which makes the patient comfortable in explaining his/her issues, especially the hesitant ones.

  • No geographical limitations while hiring.

  • Cheaper in budget as resources from tier-2 and tier-3 cities can also be considered without budgeting for factors like allowances. In fact, international talent can also be hired if it is a correct match.

  • Doesn’t require even a larger office space.

  • Opens up scope to on-demand service even on odd hours.

Nth Sense

Nth Sense comprehends the busy schedule of every healthcare professional & thus encourages the role of VMA. HCP's attention is required more in giving utmost attention to patients, understanding their issues and assuring them of the best possible care. These are one of the crucial factors which enhance a patient's experience. A quick list of of the boons of VMA that support this need-

  • Enhances Patient’s experience via several strategies

  • Boosts revenue for doctors as they are enabled to attend more patients

  • Reduces wait-time for patients

  • Enhances Doctor-Patient communication

  • Increases the overall efficiency and accuracy of the clinic/hospital as the work load is distributed according to the expertise.

  • Saves physical clinic cost as less staff is required on ground.

Pave the way for a new era of technology-driven, patient-first healthcare solutions with Nth Sense.

Book a free 30-Min consultation to know how you will be benefited with our services.


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