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How to deal with millennial patients

‘’The millennial generation will entirely recast the image of youth from

downbeat & alienated to upbeat and engaged’’.

Simple facts about the millennial generation-

The millennial generation is of age 18-34. They are now the largest generation group (approximately 400 million in India that counts for one-third of the nation’s population), and one of the most sought-after consumer crowds. Talks about the lifestyle and thought process of this millennial generation are common in every walk of life. But be aware, Millennials in healthcare are even more different. Talking broadly, they have higher expectations and are more demanding than previous generations.

Healthcare professionals face this scenario on a daily basis and seem to struggle with these young minds especially when they tend to disengage with the health services. This turns out to be a concern as the outcome is the reduction in health outcomes.

Sensing this concern, Nth Sense a patient engagement platform appears as the helping hand with practical patient engagement solutions.

Let us further discuss more about the millennial gen & a strategy to deal with millennial patients.

Attributes of millennial patients-

This type of patient population is known to act in a certain way. Below are some of the points that you might comprehend too-


  • Appreciate honesty

  • Ask questions upfront

  • Want to be involved in the decision-making process

  • Are digitally active

  • Seek relevancy in every aspect

  • Consider reviews on priority

  • Have less patience and switch more

So how to treat these curious and active minds without letting the care hamper? Here are some tips to rescue-

1. Be available, online first.

Breathing digital is their primary gateway. Millennials own, use, rely on online information, and are on screens almost 24/7. Communicate where they are and how they want.

2. Be realistic yet compassionate

Be friendly, authentic, open-minded while talking. Consider them as your peers to make them comfortable.

3. Enhance your review game

Patient reviews form a significant criterion in selecting a doctor/physician. Millennial’s decisions are guided by online opinions. Reviews can literally turn out to become recommendations.

Fun Fact- even for a non-living materialistic thing, people post and look for a number of reviews/feedbacks, say on Amazon or any other e-commerce website. Imagine their concern for their own healthcare! There lies the answer!

4. Value their time.

Millennials expect doctors to value their time. They expect fast yet effective care. Convenience is the new currency. Make sure you trade well.

5. Stay socially relevant

You probably have just one shot at connecting. The millennial generation has grown up expecting and finding nearly immediate answers online. They live in the moment & are likely to form strong opinions quickly.

Conclusion -

Gone are the times when patient satisfaction could come easily. The generation elder to millennials had a whole different perspective towards healthcare.

Today, the millennial gen is a group that has higher expectations and is more critical than other generations. Reaching to this group, engaging and retaining them as new patients requires a more accommodating, patient-centered approach.

Nth Sense aims to provide exactly the same.

With an aim to make healthcare a happy experience, Nth Sense offers top-notch patient engagement solutions to healthcare providers that not only help to manage millennial patients but also enhance their experience.

Don’t wait, get in touch because millennials will rush.


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