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Identifying the need for patient engagement by Yoga professionals

“Yoga is basically a practice for the soul, working through the medium of your body”

Yoga – which has been around for more than 5000 years is now entering the common man’s homes through various channels. Yoga basically means ‘to join’ and that’s what it does – brings the mind and body together. It took many years for a common man to accept that yoga has over 100 different forms, and you can always choose the one that suits your body. Hence, now we hardly hear anybody say, “yoga is not for me”!

Needless to mention that yoga is an excellent tool for stress reduction and relaxation, but it also has many other health benefits, such as improved mental clarity, positive moods, and better sleep.

Yoga was always among the top in-person exercises of 2020. Hence, the switch to a virtual studio did not get as challenging as expected. But sustaining among the augmented competitors was getting difficult. Like the other health industry, the struggle remained at the engagement level. Let’s understand more about it as we proceed.

Patient engagement by Yoga professionals

Yoga Trainers have been doing their best in managing customer engagement – believe us it is not an easy job! Growing recognition of the necessity of improving client/patient engagement among yoga professionals and practitioners has increased the demand for more efficient and effective ways to connect with and engage customers.

Providers who are well-versed with the engagement tools are able to build trust with their patients because they can educate them on how to improve their overall health by engaging in activities (majorly online).

Patient engagement paves a path for Yoga professionals to create a

positive patient experience

Then what is the challenge?

The above-shared scenario is not on a larger scale. The ratio of yoga instructors who identify patient engagement as a major challenge is more! It is the process that is at fault. Practically speaking, Yoga Asanas are not something that somebody can just watch and learn. Very few patients are capable of effectively self-managing their health conditions by practicing yoga on their own.

Physical involvement of the yoga trainer remains critical in many cases which becomes a barrier in the virtual class. Lack of satisfactory guidance has led to cultivating apathy in the patients thus affecting their health.

Yoga professionals going online and the challenges

Online has been the need of the hour to sustain any business. During the pandemic, many healthcare professionals adopted the online mode to continue their business and stay connected to their patients.

Achieving patient satisfaction was becoming a challenge in the online module, as, unlike other physical activities, Yoga demanded more involvement. Yoga is all about postures and correcting them by sitting in another space was not feasible.

Yoga professionals are in general accountable for not only enhancing physical well-being but personal and emotional growth as well. Considering this, the expectations from yoga professionals have always been high demanding for them to be on their toes.

Some promising tips to manage client engagement

Technical host to avoid glitches

If your classes are being conducted online, technical glitches are bound to come, and wasting time over it can impact the client’s interest. If possible, keep an admin who ensures zero hiccups and is available throughout the session in case your clients need support.

Pre-record some part of your classes

This facilitates 2 things- their interest in the next class and the scope for them to prepare in advance.

A superb social media presence

Pick a few popular social media platforms where you can promote your business. This is the best mode of keeping in touch with your patients even after the classes. It opens up channels to run several activities and also creates a buzz of offers and referral schemes.

Adopt patient engagement solutions

Patient engagement solutions are for all health and fitness professionals.

It opens up a number of ways to communicate with clients, engage them in activities, ask for feedback, analyse and set a productive process again.

Thus, it creates a win-win situation for both sides.

Nth Sense is one such patient engagement platform that offers customized client solutions. Its record in setting a process for yoga professionals is commendable.

Here is a glimpse from one of those-

Based on the scenario discussed with Anjali Seernani, one of the yoga teachers associated with Nth Sense, with an expert & experienced team, we provided the best of the service to Anjali. The list is as follows-

Solutions offered-

  • Technical consultancy (included website revamping, social media presence, etc.)

  • Pre-recording software & methods were made handy

  • Social media strategy backed by consistent execution

  • Easy consumable content through blogs, videos, reels, etc.

Results gained-

  • Clients got more likely to engage.

  • Precise information was circulated.

  • The average reach per post increased by 131% every month

  • The impressions on Facebook and Instagram increased 50% month on month

  • The new accounts reached on Facebook and Instagram were 97% every month

  • On youtube channel, a video on yoga and endometriosis pain had 1k+ views in a short time.

  • Constructive feedback received by clients (40% more with the help of which Anjali was able to improve the experience for her students)

The whole strategy worked remarkably to get more visibility for Anjali Seernani on all the social media platforms, enhance her client’s experience and retain them even in the times of pandemic.

With this, Nth Sense is even more geared up now to serve such healthcare providers with creative yet effective patient engagement solutions.

Are you ready to explore this potential?


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