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Importance of Patient Engagement in a World with COVID-19

There is no hiding from the fact that the COVID times have caused tremendous shift in our daily lives. While functioning of the entire world came to a standstill due to the pandemic, the herculean task of keeping the world safe from the fatal consequences of the fast spreading virus has come upon the shoulders of our already burdened healthcare establishments. Doctors, nurses and other frontline workers are working round the clock to control the spread of the virus.

In the past few months, we have all acquainted ourselves with the current situation, and have accepted the terms like “Social Distancing” and “Work From Home” as part of our lives, labelling it as the “New Normal”.

But the question still remains in the healthcare industry, how this “New Normal” will affect Patient Engagement and Patient Experience post the pandemic?

While a lot of things are uncertain, one thing is sure, Change is inevitable. Just like the previous pandemic pushed the healthcare establishments all over the world towards standardization in healthcare, The COVID-19 too shall have its impact on healthcare establishments worldwide.

The Rising Need of Patient Engagement

In such critical times, it becomes more important than ever for the patients to be in touch with their doctors. Doctors on the other hand are trying out all the available mediums & measures like never before to cater to their patients.

The healthcare industry is seeing a huge transformation from offline treatments (Treatments at clinics & hospitals) to online consultations.

In a way, the doctors and medical practitioners have been catapulted to the digital transformation in no time.

Although it is promising that the patients are staying connected and are receiving the guidelines and the treatment advices online, the change has also put the doctors into tremendous discomfort getting used to the new technology and the shift in trends.

Challenges in Quality Patient Engagement

From the time the digital/online consultations has become a necessity, we are seeing a surge in online webinars & online sessions been arranged all over the internet. This has also led to various unsolicited, non-curated information passed on through different online mediums leading to information chaos.

With the ocean of information being shared on a daily basis, the patients have been entrusted upon a task of qualifying the authenticity of the online platform, authenticity of the expert and then the authenticity of the information.

Nth Sense’s Role in Quality Patient Experience

To stand true to the situation and bring in Genuity to the doctor-patient centric solutions, Nth Sense, a healthcare solutions provider, solves the problem with its unique and authentic patient engagement solutions.

Time and again Nth Sense has proved to facilitate innovative, tech driven healthcare solutions making it a win-win between the medical practitioners and the patients.

Successfully eliminating challenges mentioned above, Nth sense’s patient engagement solutions is garnering applause in the healthcare industry.

Following are the top reasons that makes Nth Sense’s patient engagement solutions the best in the industry.

Solutions For Doctors

  • Strong network of expert medical practitioners

  • Networks distributed across various domains like health & wellness, nutrition, dentistry, psychiatry, etc.

  • Empowering doctors, wellness experts, nutrition specialist and other medical practitioners with technology driven solutions

For Patients

  • Highly researched & curated content guided by the experts in the field

  • Authentic & relevant subjects pertaining to the situations/seasons

  • Enabling feedback to the doctors through smart and quick feedback systems

Nth Sense is committed in connecting with doctors/clinics, healthcare providers and other wellness professionals with their patients conveniently and calls for the professionals who share the same ideology for improving the healthcare and medical research in India.


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