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Medical Website For NMC - Paperless Process at Medical Center in Tifton

Digital transformation is one of the driving forces of almost every industry today. Talking about healthcare, it is not behind; digital healthcare marketing solutions are surging than ever before. It is all beyond the traditional paths. Today medical websites, SEO for doctors, social media for doctors, dental marketing, and even more; all have become independent segments, so are their services.

Nth Sense being one of the famed digital healthcare solutions providers, ventured its first client in Georgia. The experts at Nth Sense helped New Medical Center, Tifton, Georgia in its digital reformation.

New Medical Center is a hospital that extends quality care towards all ages in Tifton. Their services include Paediatric, Adolescent, and Family wellness.

Nth Sense Powered Digital Transformation of a North American Clinic

Here is how -

  • With a customised approach, the patient engagement solutions were offered at an affordable price.

  • Based upon the geographical area and the target audience of NMC, an all new medical website has been designed with a simple and easy to recall, user-friendly logo.

  • While scrolling down the home page you can find attractive images and happy faces which adds to patient experience when he/she visits the website.

  • Last but not the least, the medical forms of NMC are now digital

NMC goes paperless

Paper-to-electronic journey of NMC- The case study.

When you go to a hospital/clinic seeking any sort of care, filling the forms is mandatory. But filing 30-40 odd fields manually can’t be, right? There needs to be some solution; Nth Sense has engendered it. NMC had this similar concern wherein their patients had to undergo this tedious task. Nth Sense set a paper to electronic journey for NMC and customised all the medical forms, making it digital and more user-friendly.

Things that add feather to this medical website -

  • It is in accordance with HIPAA Compliance.

  • It takes care not only of the front end, but the legal assistance at the backend as well.

  • Right terms and conditions, personalised cookie policy & privacy policy has been linked.

  • SEO for doctors is equally important today. The website is SEO friendly and ensures top-notch UX/UI.

  • Convenience to the medical team is equally important; secured and easy access was provided to the team at NMC to access patient forms.

  • The provision to add clinic updates & health blogs that can inform patients about vaccine or flu shot availability, quick new age tests and diagnosis available at NMC is put in place.

To summarise-

Talking about the overall transformation, the entire content on the website comprises vocabulary according to the geography. Nth Sense takes care of doctor experience too! So the forms and other navigation of the medical website is kept doctor-friendly too.


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