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Offline Or Online - What Works Better For Dental Marketing?

‘’It's hard to find things that won’t sell online’’

~Jeff Bezos

To put the difference simply,

Offline is you searching for your customers while online is both - customers searching for you as well as you branding yourself to potential customers.

Although both are executed through targeted marketing, there is a thin line in between and a huge difference while counting the outcomes. Let us quickly discuss more on this wrt dental marketing.

Understanding offline dental marketing first

Traditional methods of offline dental marketing include: print media, radio, TV, signage and more. While leveraging these, you not only make aware the potential patients about your dental services but you also drive the qualified local traffic to your online properties like website, social media, etc.

So it is fair enough to say that-

Offline Marketing is Nearly Half of Your Dental Marketing Equation.

Think of offline promotion as an ad telling people about the store, where the store is located and announcing the benefits of shopping there. While the website (online marketing) is the storefront, where all the services and products are on display.

Coming to online dental marketing, digital technologies are opening up with innovative ways to market dental practice. New trends are surfacing in the market, dental practices that fail to pay attention to these trends may lose out.

Patients today demand a more comprehensive experience of the service or care before they make a decision. Thus, there is a pressing need to be more visible and improve the promotional strategies. How does online modes facilitate these activities? Below is a list of a few ways out of many. Get in touch with Nth Sense to understand more on how you can execute dental marketing strategies that aids patient experience as well as boost your practice.

  1. Professional Live Video (youtube/instagram/facebook) that helps build relation with your patients

  2. Native marketing using local languages right from where you are.

  3. Various types of content marketing say blogs, social media posts, etc.

  4. Video marketing, the leading avenue in the entire healthcare marketing sphere.

  5. Social media integrated with augmented reality makes it more personalised

Online marketing dominates most advertising paths today as it provides the following straight benefits-

  • Easy to Measure

  • Long-Term Exposure

  • Easy to Target Key Audiences

  • Affordable

  • Greater Reach

It is time you understand your target audience, offer them timely answers and track back the performance of your strategies at the same time. All of this becomes possible when you bank on online marketing. The size of your dental practice does not matter, but it is important to understand how the world is moving so that you can always remain competitive and ahead of the game.

Why get on board with Nth Sense?

You didn’t go to dental school to become a spellbinding storyteller and get occupied in dental marketing. There’s a lot of work involved in it right from determining a concept, right channels to leverage and finally fleshing it all out into a result-driven, compelling marketing. This type of marketing is best left to professionals while you boost your revenue by treating your new dental patients.

The team at Nth Sense has spent years and made exclusive efforts on understanding the industry fit dental marketing practices. With the immense research and on-ground insights, we have curated a plan that obviously will not fit all. After all, no two practices can be marketed or perceived the same way. How you advertise highly depends upon where you do so, who you are targeting, what your communication is like, and several other factors that are basic in any healthcare marketing.

So our plan is customisable.

Ready to encash on the right dental marketing practices that Nth Sense has to offer?

You may book a 30-mins free consultation with us to know more about digital healthcare solutions at Nth Sense.


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