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Stomach Ache? Is It A Kidney Stone

If you have been facing stomach aches off late, it could be more than just an upset stomach. Severe and frequent aches in the abdominal or the belly area could be a symptom of something very serious.

Stomach ache typically on one-side or slightly at the back, from which there seems no relief, is a differentiator as a kidney stone consequence than for just being a regular stomach ache from indigestion or an upset belly. The pain usually starts higher up in the back and then slowly moves downward as the stone travels. And a noticeable difference in this kind of pain is that it is not triggered by some muscle/movement, and typically stays on one side of the belly.

One of the most discerning facts about a kidney stone is that the size of the stone almost never dictates the intensity of pain. Even a tiny stone can cause equal amounts of pain as much a bigger stone comparatively. And there is no specific time of the pain being triggered. It can happen anytime, even in sleep, awakening people and giving them no relief in standing, sitting or sleeping position.

Other major symptoms of kidney stone are:

Blood in the urine, Nausea, Vomiting, Perspiring, Turning pale from the pain

Diagnosing and treating kidney stones:

Kidney stones are diagnosed through X-ray, ultrasound, or CAT scan and are typically found after a person visits the emergency room or makes an appointment with their primary care physician because of the pain they’ve been experiencing. Then the detected stones are either passed out of the body via urine using medication or are removed surgically.

Preventing kidney stones:

If you haven’t had a kidney stone, you are lucky. But if you did in the past, chances are that it grow back again if proper care isn’t taken. The best remedy to prevent a kidney stone is to stay hydrated frequently as dehydration is of the main causes for it. One can even keep a check on the intake of animal proteins and salt in the overall diet.


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