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The Truth About Dark Circles Around Eyes

Lack of sleep and working on screens for long hours a day are usually the causes one relates to when we suffer from dark circles under our eyes. Sometimes, iron deficiency or even vitamin deficiency is pondered over. But, the truth could be grave! It could be due to anemia, dehydration and even hepatic disease!

Do you know how dark circles appear?

Our skin has a lot of tiny webbed blood vessels just under it, called as capillaries and these capillaries are so small that the blood cells literally have to line up to pass through these. In this process, they tend to leak in the surrounding areas. This breakdown of red blood cells leaves the area black and blue, especially with the skin around the eyes being thinnest!

What could be the causes for dark circles under the eyes?


The skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate & as we grow older, it becomes thinner, making the blood vessels prominent and eventually leading to dark circles.


Genes and heredity play a major role too. Sometimes, it is just in your genes.

Dietary/Nutritional deficiencies

When we talk of nutrition and dark circles around eyes, what is important is Vitamins A, C, E, and K. A diet lacking in these vitamins and nutrients is responsible for dark circles around eyes.

Sleep deprivation and Fatigue

Both of these are responsible for making the skin pale and making dark circles under eyes being visible.

Drinking & Smoking

Excessive drinking and smoking cause dehydration, which leads to dark circles, which is a sign of loss of water from the body.

Long Sun Exposure

Excessive and prolonged exposure to sunlight leads to melanin being secreted more than usual around the eyes, giving them darker appearance.

Hormonal changes

In women, hormonal changes during pregnancy and menses are responsible for causing dark circles around eyes.


Dark circles in children often suggestive of some food allergies and also anemia and liver problems.

What can be done?

The most common cause remains Iron Deficiency Anemia. Making simple changes in diet such as green leafy vegetables, dairy products and all types of fruits help keep our body healthy, fit and fine.

Keeping hydrated and avoiding caffeinated beverages helps a lot too.

Use of sunglasses and good moisturizing with a slight massage over and under the eyes is also recommended.

-Dr. Reshma Sagari Homeopathy & Bach Flower Expert | Wellness Coach


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