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Tips for Staying Healthy & Fit During the Winter Season

How to stay fit and healthy tips by the Nth Sense

Tips for Staying Healthy & Fit During the Winter Season

Winter is both fun and a challenge! With it comes an exciting wave of hot tea and “pakoras” as an evening snack. Family dinners, holidays and sizzling dishes of various kinds are a routine show when foggy days arrive. But here’s the catch, with all the enjoying things also come illness, flues, depression and anxiety because of sunlight-deprived mornings, rainy afternoons, cold evenings and chilly nights.

A little precaution and awareness are enough to save you from the con side of this beautiful season. Read on to learn about a few simple yet very effective tips in order to remain fit and fine during the days of low temperature and beyond.

Get Yourself Moving

No matter how hard might it seem you must exercise, at least for 30 mins, during the winter season. You will be highly tempted to remain in your cosy because there’s where the warmth is but it also makes you more lethargic leading to improper digestion and sluggish mood. The same temptation is the main reason behind depression caused over winter. It is totally agreed that an outdoor exercise is rarely an option during winters but you can always perform some indoor activities like skipping a rope, dancing, jumping, crunches and planks.

Eat fresh, Eat Right There is never an excuse for eating stale food, not even in winters when you immediately tend to conclude that the food item is not spoiled since it is not smelling bad. Eating fresh food is a must in winters also since there are many bacteria that breed even in low temperatures. Remember to include seasonal products in your diet like oranges, pumpkins, cauliflower, green peas and apples. Root vegetables such as turnip, radish, beetroot, sweet potato etc make an excellent food for the winter season. Don’t forget to add onion and garlic to your preparations as they act as anti-pathogens.

Remain Hydrated

It is true that you might not feel thirsty but remember body requires water to function optimally. So, set a mental reminder and keep on drinking water throughout the day. This will not only keep you nourished from inside but will also make your skin less dry. Hydration is a must during winters as much as it is during summers.

Maintain a Distance from Dairy Products

Avoid! Milk, Yoghurt or even your favourite glass of buttermilk. Milk products are already cold and condensed and consuming them in winter will probably result in a serious bout of cold and subsequent fever. Dairy products hence are a big no!

Refrain from Street Foods

Street foods are usually partially cooked and one should avoid eating such food during winters. Moisture ridden atmosphere propels the bacterial growth, especially when the food items are largely exposed to the outside environment leading to higher chances of contamination.

Never miss a sunny day

Keep an eye on the weather and if it’s not raining/foggy, get out outside and go for it. Once you get moving, you’ll warm up. When you’re out and about look for incidental ways to exercise; walk or cycle to the local shops instead of driving the car. Use the staircases instead of the lift or escalator.

Make time for tea

Drinking tea dates back to ancient China, and of late the spotlight has been on its health benefits. Black and green tea are rich in plant chemicals, some of which are called flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties. Spice up your cup of tea with ginger that is well known for its warming traits.

Many of these tips are easy to implement in your daily life if you add them in gradually. And assessing your own health and well-being during the winter will assist you to find your own areas for improvement.

For an instance, if you’re aware that you lose track of your diet and exercise habits, then start with these basic winter health tips to keep you happy and positive throughout the season. Remind yourself of why you want to stick to healthy habits – it will make it easier and more fun to follow these tips.


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