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Top 5 reasons for a shabby website that damage Nutrition Marketing efforts

Your website influences the amount of traffic, leads and sales you get (or don’t get).

There is enough said and showed on the internet about how to grow your nutrition based business via digital healthcare solutions. However, not deserved elaboration is given to ‘role of website’, an ideal one. The big impact of websites on growth is a point of consideration when it comes to nutrition marketing.

So without delaying it more, let us see what makes a nutrition website shabby

Top 5 out of many website mistakes that make your website shabby-

#1 Hard to navigate, confusing

Aint nobody got time for that!

You have about 15-20 seconds to provide the answers to the visitors coming to your website with several questions. Should they book an appointment? Buy your vitamins? Subscribe to your newsletter?

Whatever your intention behind nutrition marketing is, keep it upfront! Or else, they’ll surely get on your site, but just to look around the pages, think “oh nice” and click the back button.

#2 No creative content on website

Only standard write up can’t be standard!

Websites are not for the sake of presence! They are the best tools to share in detail and as much creatively in and out of your service & holds the potential to persuade the visitor to take the next step- get in touch for the service! Nutrition being the most relatable topic to all, it has the added advantage of content marketing.

#3 No lead capture mechanism in place

Missed opportunities, big time!

Not every visit is for immediate conversion, especially for a topic like Nutrition; but every visit sure gives you an opportunity to nurture them into a sale. Wondering how? Well, collecting their contact details to continue to engage with them via other platforms. One convenient way to do so can be by offering something valuable in exchange, eg- newsletter sign up, or some odd minutes free consultation. It also adds up to building trust & reason for the prospect to stay, engage and possibly come back.

#4 Not SEO Optimised

Unless you’re super new to online healthcare marketing, you’ve heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) about a million times. To put it simply, SEO practices are to improve your nutrition website so it’s easier for prospects who are on search like ‘best nutritionist near me’. It adds up to the relevancy of the visitors you get. It is altogether a game of keywords, meta tags, site maps and some more.

#5 No Blog Bank

Blogging leads to 55% more website visitors

Blogs run by a business work to drive internet traffic to the site. They offer opportunities to answer customer questions giving the customer something valuable.

Coming to end-

Just like a vehicle, your website needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning at optimum levels. Unsure of what that entails?

Lucky for you, Nth Sense made it easy with a customised and result driven handy dandy nutrition website. Get a tune up roadmap for your nutrition business with cutting edge healthcare marketing solutions by Nth Sense. Use it to get more traffic, more leads and more sales out of your website.

To your success,

Nth Sense Team


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