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5 Easy Blogging Ideas for Dental Marketing

Today, unlike the old times, there are multiple dental practices in each locality, therefore, demanding a strong dental marketing campaign to set you apart from the others. Gone are the times when word of mouth was the only source of marketing. A strong online presence is the new age tool that helps patients find your dental practice, learn about the treatments and procedures that you have to offer, and be encouraged to address their dental needs with you.

While an online dental marketing plan can consist of several solutions including SEO for dentists, social media, youtube marketing and others, dental blogs can alone do wonders.

Did you know?

According to Hubspot, companies that blog experience 55 per cent more traffic on their website than companies that don’t.

The Role of a Blog in Successful Dental Marketing

  • It is an excellent method of engaging with prospective patients & existing ones too.

  • It helps boost your search engine optimisation giving you a better ranking on search engine results pages

  • It helps to build trust and credibility as you can display your knowledge and expertise

  • It helps showcase the hi-tech gadgets installed in your clinic which many times enhance patient comfort and helps in relieving pain during the treatment and dentophobia.

  • It can address common dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, toothache & loss in a descriptive manner.

  • It can educate patients on traditional dental procedures and their

advantages in detail.

Despite these benefits, many dentists do not blog.

According to one PatientPop survey, about 35 per cent of healthcare providers say this is because they do not have enough ideas for fresh, regular posts.


It's not just about writing any other blog! Quality content is an essential piece of the dental marketing puzzle. After all, it builds your online footprint and to solve the ultimate purpose i.e. increase website traffic, your blogs need to be SEO optimised as well. Well, it might sound like rocket science to you just like some dental procedures sound to a layman. But the professionals that offer a dedicated service named SEO for Dentists can be your saviour.

The point is, a state of confusion in technicalities, a tight-packed schedule, or for that matter lack of ideas should never be the obstacle that prevents you from taking up blogging as a prominent tool in your dental marketing strategy.

So don’t worry, Nth Sense got you covered! So what should dentists actually blog about? Keep reading-

5 blogging ideas to hop on

1. First and foremost -


Some questions are frequently asked! Make them your source of inspiration to answer via blogs. Use the common topics in your blogs so that patients can access them as a resource in their feasible time and might also share with others.

Eg.- What is the difference between scaling and whitening?

2. Obvious topic-

Treatments available at your clinic

Although you must have listed them under your services, adding explanatory content about it will increase the chances of the patients landing on your website. Plus while writing you can also explain the ‘why’ behind that particular treatment somehow catering to some people’s ‘dentophobia’.

Eg.- Advantage of microscopic root canal treatment

3. A little Educational -

Dental tips to live by

Best way to attract new patients, pamper patient satisfaction and facilitate retention. It helps spread the right information and make people educated so that they make informed decisions.

Eg.- Why is flossing important for oral care?

4. To build a sense of empathy -

Post Treatment Instructions

A blog becomes a digital resource that patients can conveniently access again and again even long after the treatment. On the other hand, it helps you stay top-of-mind for future appointments.

Eg. - things to follow after braces?

5. Catch on trends-

Festive or Holiday care

Needless to mention the power of trends! Publishing dental blogs around events like Christmas holidays, festive celebrations, etc. increases the chances of being read and shared as well.

Eg. - how to protect your children’s teeth this Halloween?

To conclude-

Writing blogs may sound like a lot of work and yes, it does take time to create interesting and new blogs; but if you delegate this task to an experienced dental marketing company like Nth Sense, then your job will be done by dedicated writers.

Speak to us today for a free consultation and let us create, improve or enhance your dental marketing plan and boost the success of your dental practice.


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