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SEO for dentists: Cheat sheet

Just a disclaimer-

Effective dental SEO is not about tricking search engines or manipulating rankings. It's about creating a user-friendly website with high-quality content that provides value to potential patients and reflects the expertise and professionalism of the dental practice.

Technically, SEO is an act of organically improving the online presence of a particular entity. But is that all? Well, no! SEO is a lot more. And most importantly, every business’s SEO strategy is different.

Let us understand dental SEO today

When someone (especially your target audience) types in a keyword say- ‘best root canal treatment near me’ into a search engine like Google & your website appears at the top of those results. Voila! You have good SEO.

So SEO for dentists is a crucial tool while executing digital marketing. It clearly helps dentists improve their online presence, ultimately attracting more patients.

"Having a dental website without SEO is like opening a dental practice without a sign. No one will find you, no one will know you're there."

- Anon.

After going through a number of tips and tricks, here is a curated cheat sheet on SEO for dentists which will act as a guide forever;

Quick SEO for dentists basics

  • Clean website design

  • Conduct Keyword Research

  • Optimise Website Content

  • Create High-Quality Content

  • Optimise for Local Search

  • Focus on On-Page Optimization

  • Set up Google Business Profile

  • Build High-Quality Backlinks

  • Collect reviews & leverage social media

  • Monitor and Analyze Results

SEO tactics in dental language, making it easy to understand

  1. On-page SEO is the bare minimum of online hygiene (like brushing your teeth).

Your website pages are your teeth and SEO is the toothpaste. Just like without an apt amount and the right application, you cannot clean your teeth properly; you can't rank for any keyword without optimised content on your website.

So how to actually do that?

  • Find keywords that won't be impossible to rank for

  • Add well-researched and readable blogs

  • Optimise the URLs, titles and descriptions

It's absolutely okay if you find all this too technically! Afterall all, those long hard to pronounced medical terms are technical for the people on the opposite side too.

And it is also ok to hire a professional SEO for dentists from renowned healthcare marketing providers like Nth Sense.

1. Technical SEO is like flossing.

Just like a floss, it digs down to the base of what could be ruining your website’s health. It actually optimises your web page’s load time, speed, mobile responsiveness, etc. after all, broken images or heavy code can rotten a patient’s experience.

2. Off-page SEO is like rinsing and gargling with mouthwash.

None want a stinky mouth. People would not want you to introduce yourself to their peers if you have to! In the same way, this practice keeps your presence fresh so that people appreciate wherever you are seen. It actually optimises your every online presence that is not directly on the website.

Final word

Many dentists have realised that their ideal patients are actually in their local community. Thus, they are optimising their website for Local SEO, meaning- a website optimization process that targets search engine users in proximity to the business.

Sounds tedious and a heavy-on-pocket process? Well, that's not true, only if you hand over this task to an experienced & expert healthcare marketing advisor. Let the experts do their jobs so that you save time for a queue of new patients that dental SEO will bring to you.

So, dear dentists, it's time for your pearly smile too!

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