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Identifying the need & implementing digital patient feedback analysis

‘’Gathering data during the treatment process enables transformative decision

making and giving a powerful voice to the most important stakeholders

of the healthcare industry – patients.’’

A common consumer today goes online to “research” when shopping for — well, literally anything. Be it dinner at a nearby restaurant, a luxury suite in a resort, a dreamy dress, or a brand new car, reviews/feedback on them are the catalysts in decision making. All the information (pros-cons) is consumed prior to purchase at the fingertips through channels like smartphones, word of mouth, and most importantly google & social media. Consumers are clearly relying on the feedback of previous happy (or unsatisfied) customers in order to make purchase decisions.

Going a step ahead towards things more impactful than what’s for dinner, this pattern is followed for the decisions that impact their quality of life, the health of their children, and overall well-being. They’re reading patient feedback as a guide for their healthcare decisions.

The fact that Patient Feedback provides a unique insight into a diverse range of issues (patient experiences) related to healthcare is already well established.

Patient feedback and digital methods

Patient feedback is now widespread and digital methods are increasingly used to gather the same. However, adoption of digital methods depends on socio-technical and contextual factors, alongside a doctor’s and patient’s experience. As the healthcare segment has become increasingly patient-centric, having online profiles and positive patient feedback is not only advantageous but it is a necessity in reality. Google Reviews are the major players in fact game changers. More positive and descriptive reviews increase the chances of potential patients to consider you and vice-a-versa; no strong presence or credible reviews/recommendations creates a scope of doubt in the patient's mind.

Thus, managing the reviews and setting a process for patient feedback analysis could become key to attracting and retaining patients.

Did you know?

According to Vitals, approximately 85 percent of consumers are now at least “moderately likely” to choose a doctor over another based on high ratings and positive reviews.

All about digital patient feedback analysis

In recent times health services have been increasingly digitised along with an expectation that patients will engage with digital systems. Moving towards digital patient feedback, it is keeping up with this trend offering the advantage of speed (timeliness), convenience and reduced costs at times. This process also becomes empowering for patients as it provides essential self-management information.

However, digital interventions are considered complex by some of the healthcare professionals and also at times by patients, the reasons for which are countless. To state some- lack of accessibility, resistance towards newness, time crunch, prethoughts, privacy concerns, language barriers etc.

Having said that, the statistics shared above highlight enough why every and even reluctant healthcare professionals should focus on effectively managing and analysing online reviews and patient feedback.

Nth Sense and its feedback mechanism

Comprehending this situation, Nth Sense- the doctor’s favorite patient engagement platform stands ahead as a savior, it makes the whole process convenient with its unique feedback mechanism.

While it takes custom feedback enabling patients to keep their identity anonymous, which in itself is the most salient feature, it also has an added service that is a cherry on the top.

An exclusive plan is put into action to get more ‘google reviews’. It includes sending emailers on the client's behalf, collecting reviews, and analyzing them.

The power of Google reviews is like the formula of water, known to all!

Concluding thoughts

Some digitally savvy doctors are already implementing review management tools to stay in sync with what patients are saying online.

Are you one of them?

You must have identified the need of doing so till now, now let us help you implement it. With Nth Sense, digital patient feedback analysis becomes unworried.

Manage your online reputation, respond to patient feedback, and gain insights into the patient experience.

All with Nth Sense.


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