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Right kind of Homeopathy website

“A business must have a website because office hours apply to a workplace, not to a website’’

Homoeopathy is recognized as the fastest growing and the 2nd largest system of medicine according to World Health Organization (WHO) and enjoys 25% growth vis the Pharma market which is 10% globally. However, there are many apprehensions attached to it. Some people still believe that Homeopathy is not as effective as compared to conventional medicines which is actually the biggest myth.

Did you know?

India leads in terms of the number of people using homoeopathy, with 100 million / 10 crore people depending solely on homoeopathy for their medical care.

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Homoeopathy is the second-highest funded as well as used category under AYUSH, by the Indian government and public respectively. To cater to this huge population, reach the right audience and spread the true essence of this magical field of medicine, digital marketing with the assistance of a healthcare marketing solution provider can be an astute way!

Why is it important to have an online presence?

As discussed, homoeopathy has become increasingly popular and needless to mention how people often turn to the web to find solutions for their needs online.

Having a substantial digital presence increases awareness in consumers, works to strengthen your brand, builds up your credibility.

And when it comes to online presence, the first thought is ‘Website’!

What is the role of a homoeopathy website ?

The first and most robust way to boost your brand’s digital presence is creating a professional, user-friendly homoeopathy website. Your website is an incredible asset that enables consumers to not only find you but increases the chances of them to convert.

According to a Salesforce survey, 85% of consumers conduct research before they make a purchase online, and among the most used channels for research are websites (74%) and social media (38%).

A site that is meticulously designed for an enhanced user experience can make a powerful first impression on consumers.

What makes up the right kind of Homeopathy website?

  • A new age & easy to navigate design that works perfectly on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles ensuring optimum user experience; afterall a website is a first window to create a positive patient experience.

  • Homoeopathy specific imagery to capture attention and instil trust in your services.

  • Specific calls-to-action making it easy for clients to get in touch with you.

  • SEO friendly- In good standing for search engines so that when someone in your target searches ‘best homoeopathy doctor near me’, it's your homoeopathy website on their search pages.

Homoeopathy Website process at Nth Sense

Through our years of experience creating several websites for healthcare providers, the team at Nth Sense has its own tried and tested process to ensure you obtain the best possible result for your website. Starting with a ‘discovery’ phase we find out more about you and your business to create a website that meets your exact needs.

Book a free 30-mins consultation with Nth Sense to discover our homoeopathy website service as well as other digital healthcare solutions to enhance your practice.


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