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Yoga Marketing From Basics

Yoga Marketing from basics
Yoga Marketing from basics

It is not about the art of finding the smartest way to dispose of what you have

It is about finding several ways to create genuine customer value

Yoga has evidently become one of the most popular fitness and mental health practices not just in a country or two but all around the world.

Infact its rapid growth is showing no signs of slowing. The popularity of yoga means that there is a sizable industry behind it. But when it comes to yoga marketing, it is often misunderstood, and thus a very underutilised approach to get more clients and better serve the existing ones.

The global yoga industry is projected to be worth $66.23 billion by 2027.

Gazed at the potential? Well, let us quickly discover the essential elements of a yoga marketing strategy. Whether you are teaching yoga virtually, or teaching your clients face-to-face, you would require to craft a custom yoga marketing strategy.

Build one with the expert team at Nth Sense that will help you design a plan that fits your unique skills, time commitments and budget.

Your Yoga Marketing Plan

It is the blueprint for how you get, and retain customers. But before that, you need to decide the strategy, it dictates the tactics you would be using.

Here is how to set the foundation, and keep the following items in play -

1. Ideal client

Yes the TG! One common mistake observed is many yoga teachers believe they have to serve everyone. Although Yoga is for all, it is not necessary that your yoga skills and passions will match the needs of all!

So consider how your expertise & your client’s unique life experience can blend. That becomes your ideal audience.

2. A clear message

With the right & targeted population, you now need to curate clear communication for them to hear you. Understand the major & common problems faced by your set audience. Acknowledge how you and your yoga practice can aid them. You can also use your existing client's transformation stories to depict your practice and encourage new students to try Yoga!

3. Right resources

Set a realistic budget for which you need to check if your resources are correct. Resources are the key facilitator of your yoga marketing plan. A platform that offers customised healthcare marketing solutions can be a substantial resource.

Well, you have just landed on one such platform.

Still in the dilemma of how this can help?

4. Practices that facilitate positive client/student experience

In this case, for your clients, positive patient experience is in itself a passive healthcare marketing tool. Let the client sing your praises, you just have to craft an amazing yoga experience which will eventually enhance trust. Some ways to do so are- show up consistently (online/offline), build stronger bonds with the existing clients, keep adding to their yoga education, and share your learning with your community.

Your marketing is done!


Yoga Marketing is both- how you get new clients & how you communicate with those existing in your sphere.

Use this short questionnaire to plan, execute, analyse & amend the right yoga marketing plan; keep asking yourself these questions to yourself on set intervals -

  • What actions do I take regularly to give my best to my students; apart from teaching Yoga?

  • How often do I appreciate my clients?

  • In what ways do I collect positive stories of transformation? Trust is, client/student feedback is powerful in many ways.

Pro Tip -

Regardless of age & location, Yoga provides an array of health benefits to people who practise it. It comes as no surprise that even workplace trends predict that companies will invest more in employee well-being through yoga adoption.

That is another tangent to explore and consider while yoga marketing.


Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon, with more than 300 million yogis around the world. Marketing strategy is a big-picture plan but starts with deliberate steps you need to take on a daily basis to uplift your existing clients as well as attract potential ones.

Looks like a humongous task? Breathe!

Nth Sense got you covered.

Book a 30-mins free consultation with us to explore the plan unique to your yoga business.


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